History Schoolwork

History 4 Lesson 10

Hello today mr. Livingston assigned me to do this for lesson 10 : What are some ways that new military inventions shape the outcome of a war, and why?

New military inventions like the tank shape the outcome of war because of how mayne humans can make, how powerful they are and their durability.

How the Tank shapes the outcome of war is its power to explode the opponent and it’s agility for a vehicle with tracks.

Then the giant U.S. ships with there giant missiles and weaponry help the outcome of war because manly it’s power and power.

The Planes that are used for war predict the outcome the a war these planes would carry thousands of soldiers bombs and how it can land in a safe way and fly.

That’s it! Thank you for reading!

By JakeLewie10

I'm a non practicing Christian who loves dogs and goats and enjoys helping out on the farm.

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