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Why Some Blogging Awards Are Useless

Now I don’t want to Offend anyone who has worked hard for a award like the Liebster Award and Mystery Blogger Award but there is a problem with these awards and how they affect people’s time. So recently I got nominated for the Small Joys Award by ☽♡Charlotte☆♢ from The Inspired Page for nominating me for this award but a lot of these common awards are Chain Letters and when you nominate someone the rules are that you have to nominate 5 or 10 other bloggers and then it would just keep repeating itself until the time where it is something that is a pain in the but.

After Blogger x nominates Blogger C D L M and R blogger C will nominate another series of bloggers and so will the bloggers that get nominated and so then unless 9 new bloggers join wordpress every 5 minutes bloggers will just keep getting nominated over and over again until people stop doing things like that and the ones who will nominate someone would just be so tired of doing over and over again that they would nominate people in different countries so they don’t get nominated again. Some awards are fine like the Blogger Of The Year award that only happens once a year, but the ones that always get repeated get under a lot of people nerves including my dad, even though he does not have a blog and the only reason it gets on his nerves is because I keep telling him that I got nominated for a award over and over again 1 or 4 times a week and then every time I ask him if I can do a certain award I was nominated four. Even tho he might not act stressed every time I ask him I can tell and this time instead of doing the award my dad told me it was better I made people ask questions to themselves over why should I do this and my dad quotes ” Make sure you tell anyone who nominates you thank you, you don’t always need to do the award and make sure when you make a post about this that you tell everyone that you’re not trying to offend them.” When I do this post my point is to make people see that sometimes not everything is good online. These awards are exactly like chain letters you write a message and you get the next person that you send it to to send it to someone they now and it will keep continuing. Also one very important thing about these types of awards is that really you are just nominating anyone who is following your blog like even before I realized that these rewards where bad I only nominated people who followed this blog and sometimes you will see award titles that are so long that there is no point in even bothering reading it i’ve seen post where it says: Liebster Award III IV XII XX VI and XXI. Which is pretty crazy so il make up an example: John has 83 followers he nominates 10 of them and those then have 10 to 14 followers so then Mark one of John’s followers has John as his 10th follower following Marks friends Mark does not want to nominate anyone else unless they follow his blog so then Mark and John will keep nominating each other until the point where they don’t use wordpress any more. These awards have been going on for years some people don’t even bother putting number on there post because the person who nominated them was at Award X Part 5000(🤪) . For kids that are 7 and 9 this might be one of the greatest things that has happened to them and they will keep repeating the same Award to each other until they are 14.

Now I have to write about the opposites side of opinion so it is faire. So then from the opposites side of view person X thinks “I’m doing a great thing getting nominated and nominating other people.” While they make nice messages like: I nominated you for Award A! They never concentrate on what is the point of doing this and they will make up random questions like have you ever opened and closed a microwave while it was running.

One more thing is I am glad the majority of the people I nominated never answered because none of my questions where good or smart. Also a lot of the same questions are repeated like: do you like writing on wordpress? Do you like RPC? And plain little questions like that. Witch to me it gets repeated so much that I will copy paste my answer from the person who asked me the same question before.

Thank you for all of you who read the whole article thank you very much.

Hope none of this will change a friendship between my friends family and followers. A very big thank you to ☽♡Charlotte☆♢ from The Inspired Page for making me realize this!


By JakeLewie10

I'm a 13 year old in central Ontario who raises goats. And helps his dad with our 100 head of cattle and around 55 pigs.

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