English Schoolwork

RPC ENG 5 Lesson 15 (Rough Draft)

Hello. Today my assignment Mrs.Fish assigned me to do is this: Write a paragraph on your favorite things to do.

So I am going to write about my five most favorite things to do.

#5 Snowmobiling

The reason I like going snowmobiling is because of all the cool jumps, I also get to see giant tree cool abandoned hunting sheds, cool rivers, friends, and I will be able to get my license on the 30th of April this year!

#4 Four wheeling

Although me and my family don’t use the Ontario Four Wheeling trails, we do love to go four wheeling and we normally go around the farm once in a while we will cross the highway and go to the hay fields to bring me and dad lunch or we go to check on the sheep when their grazing on pasture.

#3 Spending Time With My Family

I say this a lot that I like to spend time with my family but a big reason why on the 1st of april so today. my dad secretly but a tea bag string and a cup full of apple cider vinegar in my tea mug and I thought it was my normal every morning tea!

#2 Playing Lego

The reason I like playing lego is because it helps me think better, it also makes family impressed like that one time I made I functioning PTO shaft. I also enjoy making lego wars and making mosters.

#1 Spending Time With My Animals

I like spending time with my animals because their very good at making funny faces, they are also fun to watch, and when I’m down they make me feel better, like when they climb on me, when they headbut togheter, and when they lay down besides me.

That’s it!


By JakeLewie10

I'm a 13 year old in central Ontario who raises goats. And helps his dad with our 100 head of cattle and around 55 pigs.

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