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What Would be the Best Stockers To Add To Our Herd?

Hello! Today I will be writing about some stockers my dad could use to add to our herd since we still need to expand our herd since we are selling tons of meat. So to determine this I will make a top 3 list with three reasons why this group of cows every heading.


Here are my three resons

1 Hereford is the best meat breed of all time.

2 Herefords have the stocky legs we want.

3 It would be good to keep some of them if they look like good parents.


1 Speckle Parks are very Similar to Red Angus the only difference is that they can be any color in any pattern.

2 Speckle Parks have stocky legs.

3 Speckle Parks are a great meat breed.


1 Hereford Red Angus Crosses are the ultimate cross in my opinion.

2 Hereford and Red Angus have both stocky legs.

3 Hereford and Red Angus can get pretty fat pretty quick when they are on grass which makes them pretty good for what we want!

And that’s the end of this essay!