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Versatille Is Making Tractors For Kubota!

Hello! I just figured this out yesterday that Versatille is making tractors for Kubota marked under Kubota’s name! This is an interaction between my number one favorite tractor brand kubota and my 3rd favorite brand Versatille. No Kubota did not buy Versatille but they made a deal so Versatile makes tractors for Kubota! Did you know my first word I ever said was tractor? Kubota made tractors up to the M7 series until this deal came now they have the M8 series and a few more!

Here are some pictures of the tractors Versatille is making for Kubota

Kubota M8 211
My Favorite the Kubota articulated tractor! They have not made a name for it yet from what I know of but eventually it will have one.

Doesn’t the Kubota articulated tractor look a lot like Versatile articulated tractor?

Versatille 9RX

The only reason I discovered this deal is because I was looking for new profile pictures and the Kubota articulated tractor cam up and I said to myself it looks a lot like a Versatille. And that’s how I discovered this deal!

And here are my top five most favorite M8 and all new Kubota tractor pictures!


Kubota M8 211


Kubota M8 211


Kubota M8 211



Kubota M8 211 with a Great Plains No-Till seed drill!

And that is it folks!


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