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Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today I just hit 100 followers! Here is the 100th Muserista. Here are my first ten!

  1. quintin308
  2. E_liza_beth_9
  3. Roselynn Cummings
  5. Brooke
  6. Sarah E.
  7. bwinn2009
  8. Green Mountain Girl
  9. Beckwith407
  10. Ivory

What’s funny is that these ten where all ROC students and know I’m getting all sorts of wonderful followers from where is live to across the world like australia! Here is my follower from Australia! thelevinelowdown Who was my 44th follower! And Jonathan Taylor was my 41st follower and my first Canadian farmer RPC student friend! This person was my first random follower: Emmanuel Oladele. My ten most recent are:

  1. Muserista
  2. cooky21
  3. tpanir1962gmailcom
  4. 2e0mca
  6. indieflower
  7. Turtle’s Quotes
  8. nicksresearchpage
  9. Kayla May
  10. Krutika toy

Here is a list of all of the RPC students that are following me.

  1. quintin308
  2. E_liza_beth_9 (Technicaly she is not a RPC student anymore but she was.
  3. Roselynn Cummings
  5. Brooke
  6. Sarah E.
  7. bwinn2009
  8. Green Mountain Girl
  9. Beckwith407
  10. Ivory
  11. ShadedCube
  12. ManJan
  13. Lillyana
  14. theworksofadreamer
  15. lilalai07
  16. ninjawarrior83
  17. legostudent
  18. Makayla’s Blog
  19. Anastasia Lasco
  20. My Creations
  21. The puppy girl
  22. Study Gal
  23. ☽♡Charlotte☆♢
  24. All things
  25. Raegan
  26. Ebony
  27. fedfedfedfed
  28. DJW
  29. Danger S.
  30. Little Monkey RPC Student
  31. Jonathan Taylor
  32. livylew2
  33. IronSam
  34. Abraham Dubin
  35. legolingo
  36. Hailey762
  37. ※ Sofia Cook ※
  38. dasaniplantbottle
  39. shaylyrhys
  40. William Taylor
  41. RegentHail21630
  42. dogmantheoriginal
  43. LesPapiers
  44. nicksresearchpage
  45. indieflower

So that means almost half of all of my followers are RPC students. Thank you so much for your support everyone! That’s it!


By JakeLewie10

I'm a 13 year old in central Ontario who raises goats. And helps his dad with our 100 head of cattle and around 55 pigs.

32 replies on “100 Followers!!!!!!”

Thank you! You’ll get their sooner or later! My goals for the end of 2020 was actually 45 followers lol. Emma and me added some FENDT tractors to the flash cards and would you like me to allow you to edit so you can add tractors two?

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