History Schoolwork

RPC History 5 Lesson 115

Hello! Here is what Mr.Livingston wanted me to do today: Summarize each of the inventions you studied this week and how they impacted history. Also, explain the most interesting thing you learned this week, and why.

I learned about the mercury barometer, the vacuum pump, pendulum clock and Robert Boyle.

The mercury barometer. The mercury barometer was invented around 17th century in Pisa, Italy. The creator of the mercury barometer Evangelista Torricelli, was Galileo Galilei’s apprentice the year before he died. The air from the atmosphere lets out Mercury into a bowl the more mercury in the bowl the more atmosphere. It was important so that scientist and forecaster’s can tell if a major natural disaster is coming.

The vacuum pump. Otto Von Guericke invented the vacuum pump around the 17th century somewhere in Greece. The Vacuum pump removes air and liquid from a place and move it to somewhere else. The Vacuum pump is important because it removes water from mines so miners don’t drown.

Around the 17th century Christiaan Huygens invented the pendulum clock in the Netherlands. The pendulum clock was so important back in it’s day because it was the most accurate clock around in it’s time. The pendulum clock use what most clocks used to function but it’s got a weight which makes minutes go slower which makes them more accurate and if you remove weight goes faster.

Robert Boyle was born sometime in the 17th century in England a few years after the 30 year war. He is important because he was a big part of the invisible college which became the Royal academy which still exists today and has done quite a few cool things! like he discovered Atoms while teaching there and studying.

And that’s it!


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