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My Vacation To New Liskeard

Hello! Today dad wanted me to write about our vacation to New Liskeard!

So here it is!

We left on sunday morning at 7 am to go to Earlton to see Eastern Canada’s biggest Bison farm called Bison Du Nord which is a french name and we got a special tour because we’re friends and they sell Bison on Click Fork which is my mom’s business. And Pierre the man who started it all in 1972 son Charles gave me a Bison skull! Here’s a picture:

It needs a little TLC to get the horn back on the actual skull but some PL glue will do the trick! And their Bison are grass fed and finished just like our cows! Except for this guy he get’s treats!

Here is some actual Grass fed Bison

After that we went to an RB and B type of place to drop of our suitcases then once everything was figured out we went to a park there was a mini putt center with a very easy yet hard looking 18th hole.

And then there was this super cool lollypop looking seat that swings up and down here is a video of me playing on it, and since it’s pretty cold by the lake I had to wear my jacket.

Then I watched some tractor pull videos and went to bed to get rested up for tomorrow! Here is some tractor pull video’s:

The next morning we went to the New Liskeard Kubota dealer and went to look at some tractors!

This one is a M6S 111 which is the M6 Special version with 110 horsepower. The normal M6 looks like this:

There wasn’t one a the dealer so this is a picture from google.

Then there was an M7-172 which is the premium version (shown in the picture). The M7 2 series is technically the ranchers edition. This tractor has 170 horsepower.

Then there was an M8-201 which is the second biggest tractor Kubota makes with 200 horsepower. This tractor is part of the series of Versatile Made Kubota tractors I was talking about in these post:

Then in the used section I learned about a new tractor loader brand called HARDY which a was on an older Massey Ferguson.

The there was a Massey Ferguson 850 combine which is the slightly newer version of our Massey 550 combine.

The combine had a flat tire so it looks a little more beat up than it actually is.

And then there was a used Kubota side by side.

Before Kubota bought out this dealer it used to be a Massey Ferguson and Kubota

dealer and that’s why there is so much Massey Ferguson equipment.

We then headed down to Cobalt to go on hiking trail. With some pretty nice scenery.

There was a man that fell of the cliff and died here in 2010 at the age of 20 so mom was keeping a close eye on us when we were at the cliff. We then went on to a town called Haileybury to find a spot to have lunch at. We then found a park by a waterfront when we found this statue that represented a lady saving this man’s child from the big fire.

We then walked to the marina in search of washrooms which we did find there luckily. On our way out of the washrooms the girls spotted a stand that had some information about Haileybury. And turns out it used to be a city that was so big it had an NHL team! but then there was this massive fire that burnt down three quarters of the city which caused the team to have to shut down. And only some of the former cities buildings are left like two banks the court of Justice and more buildings. 900 years ago Haileybury used to be part of the great lake Erie!

We then went too explore the town and found Canada’s largest house!

Sadly the current owners/ the township did not allow visitors. The original owners were not done building it when the township had to take over because of the tax rates. I wonder why the township has not done anything with it? It’s about half done being built so just imagine how big it could be if it was complete! It could be North America’s largest house or even bigger!

And it turns out Haileybury is the home of the writer of one of me and my dads most favorite book series!

I normally read some of his books mainly during the winter because I have extra time to do things like that or whenever I can or think of it. Although dad never went to any Hardy Boys events he was a major fan a red almost all the books that were released in his childhood and whenever he seen the library had new hardy boy books or herd that there where new hardy books he had to get them! But he does not really read the books anymore. But that’s because he is always trying to follow politics and farming news.

We then dropped the girls of at the New Liskeard mall to go shopping and me and dad took a look around at what other farmers were doing.

This farmer already finished harvesting a field of Soybeans! The Soybeans at home don’t look as ripe as the ones in New Liskeard!

We then stopped at the New Holland dealer.

They had the local snowmobile clubs old groomer and new groomer parked there but I did not take pictures of them because they are highly modified and aren’t really the type of tractors I’m into. We then headed back to the Kubota dealer again to take a better look at a Horst running gear we were thinking of buying for our bale wagons that we did not buy. We then found a Great Plains Spartan Air Seeder that was hiding.

We then headed to the tourist house that had a museum of agriculture that was of course closed. But we did get to see a very old grader

After that we went home and met up with the girls to have some Pizza for super. we then watched Lord Of The Rings and then went to bed. The next morning we went to the Thornloe cheese factory to pick up some cheese and butter for Click Fork, and we seen a mini grader!

And someone forgot their Pepsi on it!

We then drove to our friend George Posh’s place to pick up some flour for Click Fork. And on the way there we seen quite the machinery. At the John Deere dealer there was two 9R’s wich is John Deere’s biggest tractor series.

We then seen a super big cash crop operation that had a lot of giant tractor’s like Case Ih Steiger’s and Magnum’s!

We then arrived at George’s and while George and my parents where loading the flower I asked If could go explore and take pictures of his tractors!

This tractor George is restoring is one of the very first Oliver tractors a Oliver Hart Parr!

Then this is his biggest tractor a Deutz Fahr DX 160 wich has 160 horsepower I believe.

Then this is his combine a John Deere 4420 which is the next size up after the 4400. My dad’s first combine was actually a John Deere 4400. The man we bought our new Ram from had a John Deere 4400 that was going to go to the scrap yard.

We named the Ram Dodge because the truck company Ram owns the truck and car company called Dodge and because he’s the typical Ram that you might have to Dodge away from sometimes. But he does love his attention just don’t get him mad.

And on that trip we stopped at the Kubota dealer in North Bay and looked at two Kubota M5-091’s which have 90 horsepower.

The only difference between them is the transmission and the one does not have a cab.

George also had a John Deere 4400 that he uses for parts on his 4420.

He has a Deutz that was custom painted Orange redish coloured wich he normally hooks up to his bailer.

He also had another old Deutz that needs a new engine and cab but in my terms that means it’s dead. I also learned about another loader brand called LEON. George said if he could get a new engine and cab it would be a nice loader tractor to have. I wonder how the cab broke of.

Then this is George’s wife Mary’s loader John Deere 1830.

Then George had his own John Deere 1830 that he uses.

This one could have a loader too but I guess they took it off.

As I was walking around the shed I got chased by some turkeys!

I then made my way to his Cockshuts without those turkeys coming after me.

George’s first Cockshut is a Cockshut 35. When George was a kid his dad had bought a brand new Cockshut 40 wich is the next size up and for christmas he got the toy model. He had got rid of the toy then 15 years ago he went looking all over his old farm and where he grew up but he did not find it. So then he went to the local AGCO dealer (AGCO still made tractors during that time.) The guy at the dealer said the last one sold was 2,150 $ so he gave up but he hopes that he might find it someday.

Then I’m not sure what series of Cockshut it is but I do know it’s a Cockshut.

My favorite tractor at Goerges would be his Deutz Fahr DX160 because it can have duals although it does not have duals on right now. And there is just something about the frame on those older Deutz Fahr’s.

George said he has two more tractors in his barn so he said next time we come he’d show me them so I bet you those two he keeps as collectibles! So pictures are on the way for those two tractors!

My favorite tractors at the new Holland Dealer would be the T5 125 that was hooked up to the bailer.

My favorite tractor at the John Deere dealer would be the John Deere 9R without duals honestly it looks pretty cool without duals.

My favorite tractor at the Kubota New Liskeard dealer would be the M7-171 tied with the M8-201.

My favorite random tractor we seen would be the Case Ih Steiger 540 we seen wich has 540 horsepower and is the second biggest tractor Case Ih makes!

My most favorite tractor from the trip would be the M8-201 tied with the M7-171!

I had made a list of how many tractors I’d spot during our vacation and here is my summary:

115 John Deere’s

23 Ford’s

27 New Holland’s

49 Case IH’s

8 IH/International Harvester’s

5 Case’s

32 Kubota’s

1 Fendt

21 Massey Ferguson’s

1 Challenger

4 Beaularus’es

1 Ferguson

3 Massey Harris’es

3 Farmall’s

3 Allis Chalmers’s

1 Deutz Fahr

2 Fiat’s

4 White’s

1 Mac Don

3 AGCO’s

1 Claas

2 McCormick’s

2 Oliver’s

1 Landini

2 Fordson’s

2 Kioti’s

2 Duetz’s

2 Versatile’s

4 Cockshut’s

On our way to New Liskeard we seen a very good billboard that you should listen too!

Then the man we bought Dodge from has two Duetz’s two and a Massey Ferguson but they don’t count on my list because that is not part of our trip to New Liskeard.

The week we got Dodge Grandma and Grandpa seen a Fendt Vario 1038 at the Maple Lane Mount Forest the 1038 is Fendt’s second biggest tractor with around 500 horsepower.

The day before we left dad and I where moving the stockers and I got two really good pictures!

Erin the cow.

This very funny stocker used to be a bottle calf here is an old picture of him when he was younger.

I also got a nice picture of a hen while I was helping the girls do their chores.

And one more thing before I get back to telling you guys what we did before our vacation the Haileybury NHL team was called the Haileybury Comets. Here is a picture of their logo .

File:Logo Haileybury Comets.gif - Wikimedia Commons

Apparently back in the day the Montreal Canadiens and the Comets had a big rivalry I bet you if Haileybury left the league sometime in between 2010 and 2020 I’d probably know more about them. And according to wikipedia they where part of the 5 teams that founded the NHL yet they were not in the original 6 since they got shut down because of that giant fire that past through in 1922.

So now getting back to before the trip.

When we were moving bales around before we moved the stockers I got a pretty nice picture of a bale in the same grey sky I got the picture of Erin and the hen in.

I then found a mushroom that was as big as my hat if not bigger!

My hat is pretty old. It’s been through a lot. since I am normally outside I guess it just faded sooner. Then I don’t know how those rips got in my hat. Then the grease is from when I hit my head under the bailer when dad Grandpa and me where fixing it.

Then picture was taken before I hit my head and my bike has a flat tire right now. But I think it’s time for a new bike that one is getting a little small for me.

Sorry I had a few delays the first one I had to rake hay I finished at 3 PM but then I got 1000 words done but after that I had to do chores the nI had to go brush hogging and I only finished at 8:30 PM. The on friday I had added another 1000 words then at 11 am I had to go discing and I only finished at 6 30 and had super did my chores and had a shower and by them it was 8:30 so I watched some more tractor stuff then went to bed.

Then While I was discing I discovered these two really good rock country songs that I really like!

And we also discovered there Is a new tractor around! I believe it’s a Fendt Vario 513 with a loader.

But since I had just walked in the house I could not count it because the rule on my counting system was as soon as I leave the house I’m allowed to count any tractor I see. So when we got home as soon as I walked in the house it went by!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this longer than normal post!

And one more quick thing maybe I could do a weekly tractor count and I could report the weekly total on the next monday before I start a new count or I could make my report on sunday it will probably be on sunday. And since it’s monday today I can start this week so I already have one Massey Ferguson on my list! But of course I wont add our tractors because we see them all them time. And I probably see our tractors 100 times a day!

And that’s it for real this time!

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