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Lego Massey Ferguson 550 Combine

First you will need these pieces.


First round up these 20 pieces to make the combine auger to unload the grain.

Then by using the larger grey pieces make a square with a 2×2 space to put the auger enfolder.


Now you must use these 18 pieces to make the cab.


Now by using these 8 pieces you will have to make the laser so you can get out of the combine.


Know to make the engine you will need theses pieces.


Next you will be making the main frame for the combine.

Note: I accidentally put the gearbox in the wrong direction for the picture so please flip it so the smaller shaft is on your right.

Then fit the second gear into the gear box so you can make the belt can turn.

Then add the two yellow pieces and two red pieces so you can add the grey piece so you can have tires.

Next you’ll have to add the back frame for the back tires of the combine.


Now you will take these pieces to make the back of the combine.


Now you will have to use these pieces to make the grain bin.


Now we well be adding all the pieces we made in the last 7 steps


Now well will be making the bottom frame for the head of the combine.


Now you will need these pieces to make the part of the Combine head that will hold the belt.


Now you shall need these pieces to make the reel for the combine.


Now that you have completed the head it is know time for the Finishing touches.

The last step is not needed but if you would like the combine to be as close as possible to the real one you should do this part.


By JakeLewie10

I'm a 13 year old in central Ontario who raises goats. And helps his dad with our 100 head of cattle and around 55 pigs.

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Mine was popping of a lot a few weeks ago dad and me fixed it but know it has a flat tire well probably just scrap it and get a new besides that bike is getting a little small for me. Ive got to go maybe we can talk next time I post?


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