Schoolwork Science

RPC Science 6 Lesson 30

Howdy! Here’s what I learned about today.

So first of all I learned about fossils, I learned how there formed, and how long it takes which is a few 10 thousand years. A fossil is first formed when a animal gets caught in a flood then get trapped in to sediment rocks and awaits to be found in a few ten thousand years.

I then learned about dinosaurs and some little things like for example I thought all dinosaurs are huge but according to Mr. Dignam the average dinosaur is the size of a lamb.

I then learned about the sediment layers at the grand canyon and how six of them almost go completely across the US.

The end!

By JakeLewie10

I'm am a almost 13 year old who lives on a farm in northern Ontario, I love tractors, trucks, dogs, and LEGO's.

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