RPC Science 6 lesson 85

Howdy I’m back again with another homeschool essay here it is.

I learned about how gardeners do compost. First we just dump it into a big pile and mix it up once a year. And gardeners tend to stir there compost once a week or every other week. Some use chicken wire to hold the compost, dig a hole or put it in a bin with ventilation so it does not stink.

In the video Mr. Dignam says do not put dead animals in compost, it brings disease, but since we do manure, or compost on such a large scale, if an animal ever dies which thankfully that does not happen too often we put it in our manure pile and since it’s so big it can fully compost a animal unlike garden composts. For example we have a 20 acre field of corn that we but manure (compost) on and it’s doing great compared to last years crop. The cobs are already denting unlike last year they where denting at the end of September.

Anyways I also learned about hydroponics, which my parents are against because you don’t use any soil for that, and the plant does not taste as good and pesticides and all of that stuff and it’s not good for you when you’re eating it. So hydroponics is when a plant is grown, with no soil, and only water, some people use fish poo to fertilize the plants. So know you are wandering how do they live? Well the plants essentially grow there roots into water with nutrients put into the water, but they don’t go to deep so they don’t drown.

And that’s it for know chow!


By JakeLewie10

I'm a 13 year old in central Ontario who raises goats. And helps his dad with our 100 head of cattle and around 55 pigs.

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