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Another Educational Night!

Last friday me and my family did another check on that one field where the hunting stand is and we also went on the other side of the road to find the swamp that was causing flooding in that field. On our way there Olivia and Emma had a science project to do so I voluntarily joined in! Here is a picture of the print!

One of the first animal prints we found was hard to figure out but Olivia thinks its a Bobcat and Emma and me aren’t sure. We then found a giant Tillage Radish that a Moose or Deer had pulled out of the ground.

As we continued on we fund part of a Jack Rabbit winter coat.

We then found some duck foot prints.

We then found some Moose turds! from last thursday I then found some Moose tracks. We then had to be careful just in case there was a Moose around. Here is two things you need to know just in case you encounter a Moose. 1 If a Moose starts to charge you hide behind a tree. 2 never chase a Moose of your property with a snowmobile, four wheeler, car, and truck always use a tractor. We once had a Moose encounter and she had the brain worm disease and she was walking around in circles because that’s what it does until it eventually dies. The Moose had broke one of our fences that had cows in it luckily no cows got out so after that I took my fourwheeler and came and joined dad to guard the fence from the Moose then I stayed with Moms fourwheeler wich dad was using and guarded the fence while dad did other things then Grandpa came on his four wheeler and told all the people on the side of the road to leave because the Moose was to scared to walk by the highway back into the bush. then about 5 hours later our neighbor who is a very good hunter cam without a gun and got me to open all the gates that would lead away from the farm then after that he made some mating calls which did not work so then his wife came with the side by side and tried to chase the Moose out but then it jumped the fence and went into the hay field! Then into their bush!

Mosses can be very dangerous to prove it here are is a blog post I did with a bunch of video’s

We then found a Bear track.

Next we found some Canadian Geese.

Here is a picture of the problem that the swamp was cosing.

This picture was taken from the middle of the putle.

We then found some very valuable pop cans one our way to find the swamp.

My grandpa said that these pop cans are very rare. And that the root beer cans are worth 24$ on ebay. The Mason’s company was located in Chicago my favorite city!

We then found the swamp and a mouse nest inside an old dead Birch tree!

Once we reached the swamp we found an insectivore plant called the pitcher plant here is a picture I took of it!

Then we found a trail that a Bear might of made leading to some blueberry plants.

We then found two super big white pine trees!

And then we found a Red Pine and a great dead spruce for firewood!

And that is it on one of my favorite dad essays!

Animal species Profiles Dad essays

The Moose

A Classic Canadian Wild Animal.

The Moose. Most of you must of heard about the Moose the biggest wild Canadian animal growing up to 6.8 feet in height and getting bigger sometimes. A normal Hereford cow can grow 4.5 feet to 5,5 and and yet it is way smaller than the Moose here is a picture of a herford standing besides a Moose:

Here is a Moose fight:

Here is a Moose attacking a pickup truck:

Here is a Moose braking a car window:

And last video is a Moose fighting against some Bears:

Mooses can be very dangerous. Like in the first video the one Moose could of almost ran over that one car.

And that’s it for the Moose and Canadian classic animal!