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Fossil Fuels

Hello! Last day was my birthday so I did no school also we had a pretty hectic first three days of the week as we got 22 new stolkers.

And since today is a resting day I will only be doing an essay for my schoolwork.

Here is the cycle of fossil fuels which can also be called: Carbon as it is mainly made out of Carbon.

Electricity can be fossils fuels as an interesting fact. Here are some uses for fossil fuels:

Electricity. Coal alone provides half the electricity in the United States.

Heating. Oil and natural gas are commonly used for heating homes as well as providing heat for industrial applications.

Transportation. Oil supplies 99 percent of the energy for cars in the form of gasoline and diesel.

We use fossil fuels a lot on the farm as it is what powers our tractors, four wheelers, trucks, and many more of our farm equipment! Without fossil fuels we would still be using horses and buggies as our transportation and farm tractors.

And that’s it for this essay!

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The Dalew Farms Animal Quiz!

Here is the link hope you enjoy!

That’s it!

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The How Well You Know Me Quiz

Hello! If you want to take the quiz here it is!

That’s it I’m excited to see what you get!

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Animal Search!

Hello! So today since we aren’t that busy I want to do an animal search where I will put pictures and you have to find the animal or thing I tell you to find!

Can you find our guard dog?

This is Stella

can you find Stella in the next picture?

That’s it if you want more animal searches just comment on any post and make a request!

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What Would be the Best Stockers To Add To Our Herd?

Hello! Today I will be writing about some stockers my dad could use to add to our herd since we still need to expand our herd since we are selling tons of meat. So to determine this I will make a top 3 list with three reasons why this group of cows every heading.


Here are my three resons

1 Hereford is the best meat breed of all time.

2 Herefords have the stocky legs we want.

3 It would be good to keep some of them if they look like good parents.


1 Speckle Parks are very Similar to Red Angus the only difference is that they can be any color in any pattern.

2 Speckle Parks have stocky legs.

3 Speckle Parks are a great meat breed.


1 Hereford Red Angus Crosses are the ultimate cross in my opinion.

2 Hereford and Red Angus have both stocky legs.

3 Hereford and Red Angus can get pretty fat pretty quick when they are on grass which makes them pretty good for what we want!

And that’s the end of this essay!

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Request From Hailey!

Hello today one of my good friends Hailey had to request post for me two write request number one was to post some pictures of my lego collection and request 2 was to put some pictures of my bone collection in a post and since she had to request I will but it it in to one post. Also the Request post feature was something I just added feel free to make a comment on any of my post about something you’d like to read about or see pictures of.

So here are some picture of my lego creations:

Here is my truck hocked up to the snow plow I made.
My skid steer and dump truck.
Here is the tractor I made that has functioning tracks and has a 3 point hitch.
This is my old truck that we call the rusty ford because it looks like a ford and we don’t like ford trucks.
My mobile gas station trailer.
This is my main trailer where I load stuff like logs and vehicles and besides it is my older tractor.
This is the main part of my lego property.
My garbage truck.
This is my jungle explorer that is also a lab.
This is my grass mower that I hook up too my tractor.
Here is a look from the inside of my house.

Now I will start showing pictures of my bone collection!

My biggest moose antler!
A cow skull
A sheep skull
My moose antlers
Some deer antlers
My biggest cow rib
My biggest deer antler
My hog skull
My goat skull
Here is my first set of cow horns.
My secound set of cow horns.
Another cow skull.
One of my biggest horns (this cow only had 1 horn so we named her 1 horn.)
My biggest set of horns!
Most of my goat horns and the rest of my deer antlers.
This is my longest set of cow horns.
Another set of horns from our cows!
This is the set of horns from a big pain in the but cow we had.
This is a horn of a Jersey cross cow we had.

Before viewing the next picture please be aware that there is still meat on the skull.

This is the skull of a holstein we sent for ground beef and beef jerky!

and that’s it thanks for reading!

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What Would Be My Birthday Party And Wishes?

Hello. As of today it will be my birthday in 35 days. I thought that it would be a good subject to write about even thought I might not get some of these things due to covid 19.

So for my party if possible I would like to have a nice quiet day with mom and dad at home and then maybe the next day I could have my birthday party with my family (it’s most likely that me, my dad and my little cousin’s birthday is celebrated together since me and my dad are born on april the 30th and my little cousins birthday is on the 27th of april.) Another reason I am writing this is because at midnight today all non essential businesses are closing because Mr.Ford, our premier, wants everything non essential to close, and as long as the grocery stores don’t close and Home Hardware we should be fine.

Here is my wish list of stuff I would like and why. Also before we get in to my list I know I wont get everything but some of my things I want for my wish list cost quite a lot of money. Also if I put the heading in red it means I really want it.

Mountain Ram Skull

I’d like this skull for my birthday because I loooove it’s horns and I find a lot of skulls are cool. Maybe I could make a post about my bone collection.

LEGO Creator 3in1 Pirate Roller Coaster

I would like this lego set for my birthday because there are a lot of pieces I need for other things I’m building and also i’ve wanted this set since christmas because it’s a piece that I find I should really add to my lego world.

LEGO City Tracks

The reason I would like these train tracks is because I want to have a railway network where I can load things on a train and transport them.

2019-20 Upper Deck Hockey Trading Cards Series 1 Hobby Box

First of all I am definitely not a Pittsburgh Penguins fan. The reason I picked this hockey card pack is because there could be a rookie season Dominik Kubalik in this pack and I really want this pack because Kubalik is my second most favorite player and he has a very bright future.

LEGO Hidden Side Ghost Train Express

I really would like this set because when I take a part the set there is sooooooooo many more things I can build with this set and also I really want this set because I like the lego hidden side sets.

Lego Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery 

The reason I would like this lego set is because I like the lego trees and there is a really rare piece in this set.

LEGO® City – 2 Chickens – White and Brown 

The reason I would like these two chickens is for my farm part of my lego world and also these are some of the rarest lego pieces of all time!

LEGO 10700 Classic Green Baseplate Supplement

This might not seem like much but I want at least 5 of these base plates for my new lego table dad and me are going to build.

LEGO City Great Vehicles Harvester Transport

I really would like this set sooo bad because it’s been two years now since I wanted it and this is one of the main pieces I need for my lego farm world.

Lightailing Light Set for (City Harvester Transport)

I would like these LED lights for my harvester set because it would be cool to play in the dark with my lego’s.

LEGO City Great Vehicles Snow Groomer

I really really would like this set for my birthday because I’ve always wanted to make a replica of the West Nippising snowmobile trails out of lego and if I get this set I will have a groomer and then I just need to order the specific pieces to make trees and get white plates to use as snow.

LEGO® City Town Fun in the Park 

I would like this set because all the things in this set would be a good touch to my lego world town. I really want that german Shepard dog and those two trees.

LEGO Classic Gray Baseplate

The reason I picked this baseplate is because I could use 2 more for the city part of my lego world or I could also use this for my farm yard.

LEGO Technic Compact Crawler Crane

I need this crane so when I am building something tall I can use the crane and lets say I am supposed to build a 1 foot tall skyscraper I could use the crane and make it look like an under construction skyscraper.

And the last thing I want for my birthday is pretty big but it’s the thing I want the most even more than lego’s mom!

German Shepherd or Australian shepherd puppy

Australian Shepard.
German Shepherd.

The reason I would like a puppy of one of those two breeds is because they could be backup guard dogs. I can have it as a pet and it could maybe replace Bella in the future, but I hope she does not die soon at all.

I would love to see what you guys want for your birthday.

Thanks for reading!