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RPC History 4 Lesson 65

Here is my assignment from mr.Livingston! Describe each of the inventions studied in the course this week and how they impacted history. Also write about the most interesting thing you learned, and why.

I learned about buttons not buttons on your computer but clothing buttons, Oil Painting, Cannons, and the Spinning Wheel.

So the clothing button was invented about 50 years before The Little Ice Age, but never got popular until the little ice age came because the old ways of ting their clothes let to much hot air get out wich would make them cold then the buttons got popular. back in the medieval times you could get buttons made out of wood, metal, silver, and gold.

Oil Painting. Before Oil painting came people used egg yolk and pigment or mucus to make paint and they crunch sapphires in to little pieces too make blue paint. Then once Oil painting came along they still used things like Sapphires to make color but the new form of paint was more efficient.

The Cannon. Before the Cannon came catapults and trebuchets were the only heavy military weapons then they invented the cannon which was a ball or rock shot out of a bell like tube that was powered by gunpowder cannons had been very popular for a very long time. But once hier military inventions came like the misssle it grew lest popular as they did not need the cannon anymore.

The Spinning Wheel. Thanks to the Spinning Wheel in pioneer times they were able to make clothes 10x times faster than the wool strings when before the Spinning Wheel it was the wool strings that where ten times faster to make.

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History Schoolwork

RPC History 4 Lesson 60

Hello! here is my assignment from Mr.Livingston! Describe each of the inventions you studied in this course this week, and how they impacted history.

Here are the four inventions I learned about: The Trebuchet, Distilled Spirits, the Vertical Windmill, and the stern mounted router.

The Trebuchet: It is a type of catapult that uses a long arm to throw a projectile. It was a common powerful power of the engine until the advent of gunpowder.

And before we get two Distilled Spirits look at this meme!

Distilled Spirits: Distilled Spirits where rather called Vodka, Whisky, WIne or etc. The Distilled Spirits were made by evaporating the alcohol inside a bottle of water and alcohol but they only evaporated the alcohol then the steam would go down a funnel like tube. Which then led to a second bottle that had could water pouring on top of the bottle to cool it down then thanks to the cold water the Distilled water was more concentrated.

The Vertical windmill: This windmills very first version was very unstable and made out of wood. The base of the old windmills looked like houses with a second tall house on top of it. The i bet you on very windy days some of does windmills would collapse.

The Mounted Router. Thanks to the mounted router the wright brothers were able to steer their plane which has now lead to our modern day planes. Then the Wright brothers first had the idea to put a mounted router on their plane when they seen on many boats that had those from the 1300 AD to current time.

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One last thing.

Me: The Wright brothers plane crashed do you want to now why?

Emma: Yes.

Me: The wrong brothers where trying to fly it!

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RPC History 4 Lesson 55

Hello! Today I shall do this assignment Mr.Livingston gave me: Summarize each of the four inventions you learned about in this course this week and explain their impact on history.

So too start of with here are the four things I learned about Universities, the Wine press, the Ribbed Vault, and the Chimney.

The Ancient Rome universities were mainly made for Bishops too learn how to write, and read. And before Ancient Rome collapsed a lot of the rich Romans went to universities and schools until Ancient Rome collasped.

The Wine Press. The wine press was first invented around 1000 AD by the Roman monks. After the Roman Empire collapsed the Roman farmers did not have enough money to make wine so then they payed just a little bit of money to the monks to use their Wine Press and then they still made a lot of money even though they had to pay some money to the monks.

The Ribbed Vault. A rib vault is an architectural feature used to cover a large interior space in a building, usually the nave of a church or cathedral, in which the surface of the vault is divided into webs

The Chimney. The Chimney is used to heat homes. The Chimney first triggered to become popular after the Romans discovered concrete. The more rich Roman had houses that had a room that was roofeles they made fires and the smoke would go up into the air. But then when the little Ice Age came many people died and that’s when the chimney saves many lives!

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History 4 Lesson 50

Hello! Here is my assignment: Briefly name and summarize the lives and main achievements of the four Islamic scholars you studied this week. Also explain why the Arabs made big advancements in fields related to biology, like medicine and the study of vision, but not in physics.

So the four men that where mentioned are: Al-Kindi, Khwarizmi, DR. Razi, and Al-Hazen.

Al-Kindi wrote at least two hundred and sixty books and contributed heavily to geometry.

Khwarizmi  invented the Arabic Number System. He also had many other achievements including: Being a scholar at the House of Wisdom.

DR. Razi was a musician and a money-changer until his 30s, when he began to study medicine in Baghdad.

Al-Hazen most famous astronomical work is Hayʾat al-ʿālam (“On the Configuration of the World”).

The Arabs made a big advancement in biology, like medicine and the study of vision, because of the four men I learned about this year which all had something to do with biology. Then when they started to have more interest in medicine, biology, and the study of vision they lost interest in physics and forgot about it for a while.

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RPC History 4 Lesson 45

Hello! Here is my assignment from Mr.Livingston: how did the collapse of the Roman Empire lead to the creation of a wide variety of glass styles compared to the common style (clear, thin) that was produced within the Empire?

The collapse of the Roman Empire triggered new types of glass like the Forest Glass because the remaining people did not have the substance of natron. Natron is a mineral that is used to make glass and was also used to mummify people it is found at the bottom of dried out lakes consisting of dried carbonite dioxide. It was too dangerous to go to the part of Egypt where it was found. The reason it was too dangerous to go there was because ancient Egypt fell not too long after the Roman Empire did and then as they were rebuilding they needed all the resources they could get and because there were so many deaths when ancient Egypt collapsed there was no natron left even though ten years later they were letting certain people use their substances again. People started experimenting by mixing things together like in northern Europe they used sand and tree ashes to make their version of forest glass which was green, brown clearish. Then in southern Europe people where using plant ashes like grass to mix with sand to make their version of Forest Glass.

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RPC History 4 Lesson 40

Hello! Here is Mr.Livingston’s essay for me too write! This is the end of the eighth week in the course. You have learned about 32 different inventions. Which one has been your favorite so far, and why?

My favorite invention would be the heavy plow even though on our farm we try not to practice tilling. The reason the heavy plow is my favorite invention from this course so for is because without the plow I would not have time to write on my blog. we would have small fields all over the place. But you might be saying we can still till the fields well no because without the plow the tiller would not of been invented. But thanks to the No-till seed drill we would not need to till up our fields we would just have to plant them and remember where we passed. I also find that the plow is important so farmers now where there planting.

And it’s a rap up!

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History 4 Lesson 35

Hello! Here is Mr.Livingston’s assignment for me today! Describe the effect that numerous small inventions have on a culture over time. Discuss the roles that capital and work ethic play. (Hint: think about the differences between the ancient Greek attitude towards work, embodied in the leisurely Greek Golden Age, and the Christian attitude towards work.

The plate is an very important invention we need because without out it there is a chance humans would not exist right now! The plate also keeps your food clean. The reason we might not be alive today is because without the plate the germs would always get on our food and we always get sick. Thanks to the plate the Greeks who make marble plates or any kind of plate knowing that they are helping to save the world from getting sick. Then the elder Greeks would be proud to now that they were part of making plates or still are which makes them feel young and capable of doing more things because they helped the world. Then Christians attitude towards their work more excitingly because they know that they were or are a part of saving the world which then makes them feel better about what they do instead of being like: I made a plate today yaaay…. The they’d go Yaaaaaaay! So when people make plates they can feel better by knowing that there taking a part of saving the world from becoming sick

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History 4 Lesson 30

Hello! Today’s lesson Mr.Livingston assigned me to do is this: the compass didn’t have the same effect in China that it did in Europe almost immediately. How were the two cultures different, and how did that influence the way the two different civilizations used the compass?

The reason the compass got very popular quicker in Europe than China is because the Chinese had already been using them for about 200 years. So then the Chinese were able to travel almost anywhere any time in the season and then when the European discovered the Compass they started using it. Thanks to the Compass Christopher Columbus was able to find North America, South America, and Central America.

My favorite invention from these five essays was the Aqueduct because I find it cool making structures to direct water somewhere and it’s cool how I do sort ov the same thing when I dig trenches for water to run around in at the sand pit here is a lego model of the Aquaduct.

And that’s it hope you enjoyed!

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RPC History 4 Lesson 25

Hello here is today’s history assignment Mr.Livingston assigned me to write about: 1) In what ways do you use simple machines in your life? Identify two or three and explain them.
2) T’sai Lun was inspired to make paper by observing the way a wasp builds its nest. Think about some aspect of nature that you have noticed (whether it be an animal behavior, a plant process, or any other thing) that has captured your interest. How could it be applied towards making or improving inventions (or a process)?

1 So one of the many simple machines I use in my life is the fork I use a fork to eat my food without getting my hands as dirty so I don’t have to wash my hand after lunch. Another everyday simple machine I use is the pitch fork without it I’d would have just finished chores. Because half of my chores is to fork hay to the animals that’s why the pitch fork is very important to me.

2 The booster seat was inspired by monkeys and how the baby would use its arms as a belt to hold it to it’s mom’s back. Thanks to the baby monkey now more children are safe and booster seats and Tigger gets to lay on a comfy seat!

That’s it hope you enjoyed reading my essay!

History Schoolwork

History 4 Lesson 20

Hello today Mr.Livingston’s assignment for me is to write an essay on: why were the Christian monks able to help preserve and restore civilization after the Roman Empire collapsed? What were some of the inventions they used to do so, and how did they work?

Christian Monks were able to help preserve and restore civilization after the Roman Empire collapsed because they could not rely on the Empire to give the citizens clean water and flour so they were forced to invent something to help them survive and get the food and water they needed, and that is when the water wheel came along. The water wheel would use the power of a quick downstream river to make a wheel turn when the wheel would turn a hammer using gears, gears were invented before water mills so water mills could be functionable. Thanks to gears a lot of people were able to live longer than when the Roman Empire was providing the citizens there food and water, because it was higher quality and they got the amount they needed when they needed food.

Cams are another very important invention because then we would still be using work horses instead of tractors and I would never have time for schoolwork because instead of taking half an hour to feed the cows it would take us about quite a while to feed the cows not including the long cold horse ride in the winter it would take to get to the back of the farm and that’s why cams are important and once again this is when gears are another very important piece because now without gears there would be now four wheel drive or big jacked up 4X4 trucks.

So that’s it on today’s essay!