Contest!!! And This Summers Farm Post.

sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. I am still deciding if I should be blogging in the summer since there is more things going on in the winter so since where really busy in the summer I’ll try and do the weekly farm post as much as I can!

This Weeks Weekly Farm Post.

so since lat time I did a weekly farm post we got some new bottle calves. We got new calves from our moms out on pasture! And also we put out our two bulls Enrique and charlie out two weeks ago hears two pictures of them playing around.

Here is the last few weeks of photo’s since I did my weekly farm post.

This is one of the new bottle calvs his name is gas and in the back there is gold.
And this is our barn cow and her adopted calf is behind her jaw.
I got a Jarmr Jagr rookie season card last week Jagr is worlds second best hockey player of all time

And For The…….

Do you now your species challenge!!!!

SO there are a lot of species of cattle in the world so since theres a lot that we don’t have where going to guess witch species are in the photos of the email I will send to the ones who give me there email and by the way my email is …

and just so you guys who are pending on rather not or to do the challenge here is a list of species and photos of those species. but these pictures are from the internet not from our farm.

these are red Angus the must popular species on our farm
these are shorthorns the second most popular species on the farm.
these are black Angus the third most popular species on the farm.
Charlais cattle
Dairy cows
textas longnhorn cattle
these gray cows are usually a cross between red Angus and charlais .
these are Hereford cow and calf we have a lot just not enough to be in the top 3 most popular species in the farm .
these are Hereford red Angus cross cattle .
these are Jersy cattle

And there I think you guys now most of the species on our farm now just send me an email at for the photos of our cattle.

this is one of the pictures in the challenge for this one it a little more complicated so I’ll give you guys a hint it’s a charlais, hereford and____________cross

And you can always reach me at!!!! 😃