What I Learned

This week I learned about how fish eat, fishing projects and catching fish.

It’s interest how fish eat so how it works is the fish suck it’s food in to it’s moth and releases the water thru it’s gills.

Here is a video of a fish eating:

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MY Favorite Place To Go RPC ENG LESSON 30

MY favorite place to go is to my grandparents because they are good at spoiling me, they love me and I love them to, they have fun games and we usually have family we don’t see often visiting.

My Pepere

(Pepere is french for grandpa).

MY pepere is vary funny and likes to tell jokes and take me too Sudbury wolf games.

My pepere also so likes to come help my parents on the farm and come and pix blueberry’s with me and my sisters.

My Memere

(Memere is grandma in french).

MY memere likes to take me to visit my little cousin Jacques also she likes to play ra-ko with me, my sisters, my mom and my memere Viau.

Other things my memere likes to do is invite me and my sisters over for sleepovers and too go swimming at the lake.

My Great Memere Viau

MY memere listens to me when I don’t want her to give me money for Christmas and my birthday. MY memere Viau loves too play ra-ko too.

My Great Pepere Viau

My Pepere Viau loved to go fishing and cut fire wood. ONE thing he really liked to see when he would come and visit my family was go and look at the cattle and the farm equipment. HE pasted away last Christmas. 😦

My Great Pepere Bedard

MY pepere Bedard is the Dad of my Pepere.

And no my he is not in sa relation ship with my memere Viau.

My Great memere Bedard

I don’t remember much about her but she passed away when I was 7 seven I think. 😦

My Moms Family

Pepere Viau+Memere Viau -> MEMERE, Mon oncle Gilbert, Mon oncle Normand and ma tante Dianne.

MEMERE + PEPERE -> MOM and My uncle Yves

PEPERE BEDARD-> PEPERE , Ma-tante Carm, Ma-tante Denize and ma-tante Caire.

(Ma-tante is french for aunt and mon oncle is french for uncle).

My Grandpa

My grandpa likes to these me play cards with me grandma and there friends also my grandpa likes making puzzles working on the farm for my dad and is a Washington Capitals fan. My grandpa also likes to play darts and pool. Did you now that he was born I England?

My Grandma

MY grandma loves doing the same things as my grandpa except she is bot a hockey fan and does not help on the farm.

She likes to do her gardens and make peach jam her jam is so good. 😊 And likes to go curling.

My Great Grandma Zwep

I don’t now much about her because she based away when I was a toddler. Did you now that the Zwep family is originally from Holland?

My Great Grandpa Zwep

I never met him, but one thing I now about him is he made a bet with my grandpa and my uncle Harry, the bet that my dad would or my aunt Kim would be born first and then well my dad was born first on April the 30 1977 and anyways Grandpa Zwep was going to give grandpa a hog, but he said no thank you because he did not want to get any diseases from his hog.( Correct me if I’m wrong uncle Harry.)

My Dad’s Family

MY grandpa’s parents-> Grandpa and aunt Marie

Grandma + Grandpa -> My DAD and my uncle Jeff

Grandma Zwep -> Grandma and Aunt Autzie

My Hole Family

My grandpa’s parents -> Grandpa and aunt Marie

grandma Zwep+grandpa Zwep-> Grandma, Aunt Atje, uncle Gerry, Harry and Uncle gorge

Grandpa+Grandma -> DAD and uncle Jeff



Memere+Pepere-> MOM and Mon oncle yves

Pepere Bedard -> PEPERE , Ma-tante Carm, Ma-tante Denise and ma-tante Claire.

MEMERE VIAU -> MEMERE, Mon oncle Gilbert, Mon oncle Normand and ma tante Diane.


What I learned

SO since last week was the IPM witch will never come back here, all over west Nippising was crazy busy preparing for the a vent and also trying to get there ahead of time so they would not have to go home disappointed since there is no space.

Anyways in my second most recent blog I talked more about it here is the link : in a new tab)

Anyways here is what I learned.

I learned about Penguins, humming birds, parrots and woodpeckers.

DID you now that humming birds will literally kill each-other or nectar.

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Weekly Farm Post

SO since the IPM (International Plowing Match) has sure kept the community busy I have not had time to post the IPM is a one week avent witch contains entertainement like singing and a tent city where you get to vue buisnesses and corparations and all sorts of stuff!

At the one both there was these cowboy chickens and this super fat rabbit.

this is the cowboy chicken.
And here is the super fat rabbit.

MY favorite both was the micanicle bull from College Boréal. College boréal is the college my mom whent to when she was young and is also the college I hope I end up at if I don’t become an NHL’er.

Becoming a NHL’er has been my dream job for two years now because all of this hockey geek stuff started randomly one day when I woke up my says ” it’s like someone turned a switch on you from pokemon to hockey” and now he brags about it sometimes LOL.

Any ways I spent three days with my cousins for-wheeling and going to the IPM and playing hockey or I should say practicing hockey.

WE found this beast out at the back of the farm

ALSo I went on a hicking trip to Manitoulin island it was beautiful!

Here is this weeks album.

here is everyone except for dad since he is taking the picture this picture is at Bridal Vial falls .
The house cat messing around with the farm toys.

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What I learned

this week I learned about the mallard duck, geese and the white in black swan (that’s what RPC calles it).

the Mallard Duck

the Mallard duck isin’t much of what I learned but this is the subject of the lesson so the main part of the lesson is this:

white and black swans

black swans are ausaly sopest too always have orange beaks.

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what I learned

This week in since I learned about the great horned owl the snowy owl and the barn owl.

The one in the middle is the great horned owl and the one on the left is the barn owl and the last one on the right is the snowy owl.

Barn owl

The barn owl has sharp talons and looks more like a falcon than a owl to me but it’s OK.

The barn owl is the smallest of the owls I talked about.

My Favorite Owl The Great Horned Owl

The great horned owl has big big biiiig talons!

The reason why It’s my favorite because I love horns and i like how it’s call’d the great horned Owl.

the great horned owl is the biggest out of the three owls I learned about this week

The snowy owl.

The snowy Owl is In the middle out of all of the owls I learned about this week.

The snowy owl has super sonic hearing.

and is in the middle for his talons.

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This weeks contest will be guess the animal so I take a picture of one of the animals so here’s an example:

This Is Edward.

and then after I show you the animal you half to guess witch one it is.

picture A.
Picture B.

so tell me witch one you think it is in comments or by email

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