Sunshine Blogger Award IV!!!

Thank you very much Benjamin from Brothers Campfire for nominating me!

Here the the Sunshine Blogger Rules!

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Now I will answer Benjamin’s questions!

Q How would you describe what your character would be like in an ongoing medieval fantasy tale? (I will use this, FYI)

A I’d probably be a goblin or something like that because my parents compared my smigel voice veres my little sister Emma and I won.

Q What is your favorite seasoning?

A Hmmmm probably Cinnamon. (I don’t really like seasonings).

Q How do you feel about current events and how do they affect you?

A My sister Olivia is going to a dance showcase this saturday and my mom booked me a seet without asking, and now I’m going to be coped up with a ton a strangers and il be sitting there watching random girls dance with crop tops on and the horrible form of music pop music that I call poop Music (I looooove Country music.)

Now here is a list of my nomines!

Now my three questions for my nomines!

  1. Have you ever been to Ontario? Yes i live in Ontario
  2. Have you ever got any vehicle stuck before? Yes i’ve got my old quad and my new quad stuck before.
  3. Have you ever broke the chain on a fourwheeler? Yes I broke it on my old four wheeler 6 times and I literally broke the engine cover when I broke the chain on my new four wheeler (Note: my new four wheeler is new to me but it is a 1997 Polaris Xplorer).

Thank you for reading and participating!

English Schoolwork

Lesson 180 Last RPC ENG4 Lesson!

Hello today I am doing my last english essay before I start english 5!

So my instructor/Ms. Fish wanted me write about all I learned this 180 lessons.

Now here is what I learned in the first 30 lessons: at lesson 4 I learned that I did not like english. At lesson 15 I started cheating (っ °Д °;)っ. at lesson 29 Dad figured out I was cheating and made me restart the course.

So now what I learned from lesson 31 to 60: So at lesson 37 I started to like english. From lesson 45 to 60 I learned about the FANBOYS.

The FANBOYS are: for, and, nor, or, yet and so.

What I learned from Lesson 61 to 90: At lesson 62 I loved English a little bit, from lesson 65 to 90 I started to like english 4 a little less and started skipping reading the books.

Here is what I learned from 91 to 120: from lesson 97 I got caught cheating on reading the books, from lesson 97 to 120 I had to catch up on reading the one book I started skipping. After I caught up on the book I actaully started to like the book.

From lesson 121 to 180 I just started flying thru the course and I was loving it! I also learnt about proverbs and nouns, and how to structure a sentence properly. I also learned how to use a dictionary and encyclopedia.

and now here I am all done english 4!

English 4 has also helped me improve my writing on essays and other things on my blog but also really helped me with the RPC Sports Blog and in case you want to see my Sports Blog here is the link:

Thank you for reading!

Farm Stuff Q&A's

Quick Little About What Breed Of Pony/Horse Breed I Need Quiz!

Here ya go!

That’s it!


I’m all done Science 4!

So the last five days I learned about making electricity free elevators, models of things like planes cars, etc.

I’ll never forget this course!

So what was very interesting about these last five days of science 4 was I never realized how close I was to finsihing the course, and in grade five science I’ll be making a movie, photography, stories, meals and even a rocket!

So at science this week I finally realized how complicated it is to build an elevator I always thought oh this is easy just tie a rope to a hook and tie the other end to a pulley but no no no it’s way more complicated than that… First of all I need a way to make sure my passengers or objects I put on wont fall of. Then I have to make sure my rope is very strong and stable after that I need to figure out a way to lift the elevator cart.

So when I was listening to the modeling videos I never realized that a lot of things I like to do include modeling like building lego’s, playing minecraft, and etc. Here is a picture of a model of a Saloon I made.

So that’s all you’ll here about science 4 now!


Protected: My Favorite Pony/Horse Breed PT2

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Dad essays Farm Stuff

My favorite Pony/Horse Breed

So today for my spreeder my dad gave me an article on good pony and horse breeds.

Now before I tell you what my favorite breed is I am going to do a quiz to see if you guys can guess what’s my favorite breed is, once you finish the quiz there will be a password protected post and the password will be at the end of the quiz.

Here is the link to the quiz:

And see ya in the next part of the essay!

English Schoolwork

RPC ENG4 L175: Favorite Moments Of RPC English 4 Lessons

Hi today I will write about my favorite moment of RPC english 4 .

Well to start of honestly my favorite moments when I started the first 20 lessons was just was not anymore finishing the lesson for the day, but now since things got more interesting after lesson 31 I like english but now I love it but not as much as science tho.

Now my most recent favorite moment would be from lesson 135 to 150 where I got to pick what I wrote about for the week.

And the second most recent favorite moment would be when I spelled extraordinary like this: Axtridory.

And that is pretty much it! Thank you for reading!


Mystery Blogger award

Thank you Lillyana for nominating me! Here is a link to her blog: .

This award was created by Okoto Engima

Now the Mystery Blogger Award rules!

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Questions and Answers:

Q. Do you like RPC?

A. Of course. Get it?

Q. Do you have any pets?

A. Yes I have my pet goat Patrick Kane, my ramb lamb Jonathan Toews, Cali the barn kitten, Willow the oldest barn cat and Shania Twain The Gerbil.

Q. Have you ever tried to open the dishwasher super quick to see the blades still spinning squirting water?

A. Yes, and I burnt my hand because the water was still runing and I stuck my hand in the mashine.

Q. Ice cream or cake?

A. This is a easy one. Ice Cream.

Q. Were my questions good enough?

A. They were excellent!

And here is my best two postes since the one english essay is in two parts I got to post both. PT1 and PT2 .

Here are the three things about myself:

  1. I loooooooove goats.
  2. I like to ride horses.
  3. I’m might be building my sister Olivias new animal shelter that can fit Ponys, Horses, Goats, Cows and Sheep.

Also here are my nomines!

Oh I almost forgot! Here are my questions for my nomines!

Q1 What’s your most silly pet picture? Here is mine

Part of Patrick Kane is on the botton right corner.

Q2 What is your favorite video game? Me it’s farming Simulator 15 and 19 if any one has 15 please comment below.

Q3 What’s your favorite type of tree? Mine is Red Pine.

Q4 Did you ever get a little cousin that excidently had an accident on your carpet? I did twice.

Q5 If you had to join the RPC Sports blog or Center News wich one would it be?

And that’s it hope you have lots of F.U.N!

Schoolwork Science

What I learned

This week in science I learned about kelp forests and cyclones.

the most recent cyclone was in 2003 over Iceland.

Cyclones are kind of like hurricanes but don’t do any damage a Cyclone will just take all the clouds around it and make a circle with a hole in the middle of it.

Kelp Forest are practicly underwater forest, the kelp serves as trees as the fish are wildlife and rocks and smaller plants serve as grass so that’s why Kelp Forest got the nickname Underwater Forest. The most common fish you will find are Rockfish.

and that is it for lesson 175 on RPC Science 4!

Thank you(s)

Special thank you to Colton again!

Thank you so much for customizing my blog! you can follow Colton on his youtube channel here:

and his wordpress here: Colton Beckwith RPC.