Jake essay ideas Requests!

I Have A New Blog!

Hello! Today I just finish making a new blog called the farm kids blog where a ton of homeschool farm kids right about their lives or right things about animals plants and etc. Here is the link;

That’s it!

Jake essay ideas Requests!

Request From Hailey!

Hello today one of my good friends Hailey had to request post for me two write request number one was to post some pictures of my lego collection and request 2 was to put some pictures of my bone collection in a post and since she had to request I will but it it in to one post. Also the Request post feature was something I just added feel free to make a comment on any of my post about something you’d like to read about or see pictures of.

So here are some picture of my lego creations:

Here is my truck hocked up to the snow plow I made.
My skid steer and dump truck.
Here is the tractor I made that has functioning tracks and has a 3 point hitch.
This is my old truck that we call the rusty ford because it looks like a ford and we don’t like ford trucks.
My mobile gas station trailer.
This is my main trailer where I load stuff like logs and vehicles and besides it is my older tractor.
This is the main part of my lego property.
My garbage truck.
This is my jungle explorer that is also a lab.
This is my grass mower that I hook up too my tractor.
Here is a look from the inside of my house.

Now I will start showing pictures of my bone collection!

My biggest moose antler!
A cow skull
A sheep skull
My moose antlers
Some deer antlers
My biggest cow rib
My biggest deer antler
My hog skull
My goat skull
Here is my first set of cow horns.
My secound set of cow horns.
Another cow skull.
One of my biggest horns (this cow only had 1 horn so we named her 1 horn.)
My biggest set of horns!
Most of my goat horns and the rest of my deer antlers.
This is my longest set of cow horns.
Another set of horns from our cows!
This is the set of horns from a big pain in the but cow we had.
This is a horn of a Jersey cross cow we had.

Before viewing the next picture please be aware that there is still meat on the skull.

This is the skull of a holstein we sent for ground beef and beef jerky!

and that’s it thanks for reading!

Requests! Thank you(s)

New Page!

Hello last day I added a new page where you can comment in any post and ask me to write about something post pictures of my farm or collections of

stuff or you can contact me using the contact page. This idea came to mind my mind when Hailey762 from Hailey’s Blog asked if I could make a post for her to see my bone collection and my Lego inventions. Thank you very much Hailey762! So if you want to make a request feel free to ask me!

That’s it for tonight!