Public Speaking Schoolwork

RPC Public Speaking 9 Lesson 30

Howdy! Here is what I learned in public speaking!

I learned that by looking at the audience your speech will be more appealing like I was doing a little on lesson 25.

I also learned that my background is very important so that’s why I used my tractor collection shelf as my background.

I also learned that I should not wear my barn clothes for my speeches. And I learned that when I was moving my arms around when I was talking that’s supposed to make the speech more interesting. Here is a funny story: Once I was talking to my grandpa and I had a bowl of trail mix and I kind of forgot I was holding the bowl but anyways I pointed my arm towards my tractor and all of my trail mix went flying out!

And that is the end for today!

Public Speaking Schoolwork

RPC Public Speaking Lesson 25

Heidi Ho good viewers! To end my streak of not doing public speaking for almost a year here is my video:

The video is about New tractors versus old ones but don’t ignore it right away because there are some politics in it and global warming stuff for does of you who aren’t in to tractors.

Public Speaking Schoolwork

Public Speaking Lesson 25 (First Speech)

Hello today I will be posting my first ice breaker speech.

And here is a little blooper.

That’s it!