Public Speaking Schoolwork

RPC Public Speaking 9 Lesson 30

Howdy! Here is what I learned in public speaking!

I learned that by looking at the audience your speech will be more appealing like I was doing a little on lesson 25.

I also learned that my background is very important so that’s why I used my tractor collection shelf as my background.

I also learned that I should not wear my barn clothes for my speeches. And I learned that when I was moving my arms around when I was talking that’s supposed to make the speech more interesting. Here is a funny story: Once I was talking to my grandpa and I had a bowl of trail mix and I kind of forgot I was holding the bowl but anyways I pointed my arm towards my tractor and all of my trail mix went flying out!

And that is the end for today!

Schoolwork Science

RPC Grade 6 Science Lesson 5!

Hello! Today is my first lesson on grade six science and just happens to be about minerals and I just so happen to have a mineral collection, anyways here’s what I learned!

So first of all I learned that you can measure weight of a mineral by density. So for example if I have a rubber ball and a ball of Iron that are the same size since the Iron is more dense it weights more. I then learned that diamonds form differently according to temperature. In colder areas Diamonds tend to grow like a squares and in warmer areas it grows as the shape we now called diamond. I then learned that granite is actually multiple minerals like mica. Next I discovered that there is a strength class for minerals and iron is a 6.5 which is fairly strong.

That’s it for today!

Public Speaking Schoolwork

RPC Public Speaking Lesson 25

Heidi Ho good viewers! To end my streak of not doing public speaking for almost a year here is my video:

The video is about New tractors versus old ones but don’t ignore it right away because there are some politics in it and global warming stuff for does of you who aren’t in to tractors.

Schoolwork Science

RPC Science 5 Lesson 190!

Know I am finally done! Anyways here’s what I learned:

So first of all I learned that you should always double check your recording before you start making your movie lol.

Then I learned that some things might look better at the time your recording it but once you look at it in editing you don’t like it and that’s why you always do two or three clips and not just one.

I’d like to have an intro to my YouTube video’s someday so that’s my next project!

Anyways here the lil movie:

That’s it hope you enjoyed!

Schoolwork Science

RPC Science 5 Lesson 185

Howdy! Know here is the before last lesson of grade 5 science!

So first of all I need to start recording my short film, then edit it, I all ready have half of it done I just need to shoot one or two more clips edit them then I will post the video!

Although I wont be interviewing anyone in my video, I learned that it’s good to get the interview background on an angle to make it look more appealing.

I also learned that the closer you move your camera to a character the more they feel like part of the movie.

I then learned for filming in the dark it’s good to have a small light but not to much just enough to see what’s happening.

The END!

Schoolwork Science

RPC Science 5 Lesson 180

Hello! I thought today would be my last day of schoolwork until I start grade 8 but turns out there is 10 extra lessons, so anyways here’s what I learned today!

So first of all I learned that you do need an good audio recorder if you want to make a good film I just thought as long as you can here the movie it was fine.

I am working a two five minutes movies right know one on our Kubota M9540 and one on our M110X, Basically I just record it starting then doing work like cleaning snow or feeding the cows, then I do a walk around but since both of them are parked in the shed and there is not to good lighting I’m going to wait until there outside again to do the walkaround then I’m going to publish the video’s on my YouTube channel. I also have one of our 1997 Polaris Explorer 300 starting up but I just waked it and I don’t want to get it dirty.

I also finally got that LEGO Claas Xerion 5000 set! And I made some implement but I am also thinking on creating a series called Ingenious invention’s with Jake you’ll see why I call it “ingenious” If I make one.

The end!