RPC Science 6 Lesson 65

Howdy! Here is what I learned in science today!

So to start with I am doing Horticulture (Gardening) in this section know and I already have an area for my garden planned out so beside my parts tractor which I have been taking apart so that the more valuable parts are stored inside so it looks different I put a tire of our Kubota M9540 which is where my garden is going to be. And it will be a handy spot because moms porta potty for click fork is right beside it!

Anyways I learned how to graph a tree which is when you cut all the little branches but one and take different varieties and put them in the bark to grow.

And dad was one step ahead! The year I started homeschool we had some pear tress, and apple trees that needed pruning so he thought me that and everything and know Mr. Dignam’s pruning lesson was like a review!

That’s it for today!

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RPC Science 6 Lesson 56

Howdy Here is today’s essay!

Today in science I started the agronomy (Farming) part of the course and it was a review of a lot of things because I’m a farmer and I think I watch a little to much YouTube in my spear time! But one thing I did learn about was sea salt farming!

So basically they let the water from the pacific ocean enter a bay then they go into thin pound to become crystalized then once they are ready. They use a road grader to make windrows just like a hay rake and then they harvest it with a neat machine!

Then since some of you may not no this (I know I do) Louisiana is the number one rice producer in the US.

Here is an older chart of things grown in Canada.

Wheat | The Canadian Encyclopedia

Then here is an inaccurate one of wheat production in Canada. There are a lot more wheat farms than that we live about a inch on a computer north from where the wheat ends and it still get’s produced further. It’s fairly inaccurate. But in the top provinces there is no where to farm there so the northern part is accurate. and we produce more than 1,000 bushels of wheat in our community.

Canada's Wheat Production change by Years - North America FarmQuip Magazine

Here is a corn production chart in the us.

US Crops – Where Are They Grown? |

And that’s it for today folks!


RPC Public Speaking Lesson 35