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Improving My Goat Business

Hello! As another dad essay dad wants me to write about things I could do to improve my goat buissnes.

So here it is!

Something I did not know is that a goat needs to be 75 to 80 pounds to have a baby.
When a baby was born with it’s sack is called a an call, which I find is sort of weird name.

Here is a list of poisonous plants for goats.

  1. Black Cohosh
  2. Bloodroot
  3. Carolina Jessamine
  4. Celandine
  5. Poppy
  6. Bleeding Heart
  7. Fumewort
  8. Hellebore
  9. Larkspur
  10. Lupine
  11. Corn Cockle
  12. Ivy
  13. Lily of the Valley
  14. White Snakeroot
  15. Milkweed PS. There is a lot of Milkweed in our region but our goats don’t seem to eat Milkweed so that’s good.
  16. Lantana
  17. Sneezeweed
  18. St.John’s Wort
  19. Wolfsbane
  20. Staggerweed
  21. Parsnips
  22. Boxwood
  23. Carolina Allspice
  24. Oleander
  25. Rhododendron
  26. Wild Black Cherry
  27. Wild Hydrangea
  28. Black Locust
  29. Buckeye
  30. Cherry I don’t think their necessarily poisonous I just think goats try to eat cherries whole and choke on the seeds.
  31. Chokecherry we’ve never had chokeberries in the same pasture as the goats.
  32. Elderberry
  33. Laurel
  34. Johnson Grass There is lot’s of this grass around but the goats seem to eat and be fine so I think this one’s a mistake
  35. Buckwheat We grow buckwheat but we’ve never fed one to a goat so now I know to no do that.
  36. Horsenettle
  37. Buttercups they also grow in our region but the sheep get those before the goats do normally.
  38. Pinetrees of course there is pine trees here but I know they don’t eat the leaves so now I know why they don’t eat it. One thing they do is the one’s with horns rub their horns against the trees until their bark is of then they leave it alone weird?

You can have 4 goats per acre. And one goat can fit in about a 5×10 feet backyard or if you feed it hay you can keep it in a barn.

The world’s largest goat was a British Saanen named Mostyn Moorcock, owned by Pat Robinson of Ewyas Harold, Hereford & Worcester, UK. It reached a shoulder height of 44 in and an overall length of 66 in.

The main way I tell my breeds is by color and color pattern like Boer goats have a brown face with a white stripe in the middle. Kiko goat are completely black normally but can technically be any color.

I created a way to tell breeds. I use horns to identify my goats and tell their breed. Like Salt has long semi curled horns that are light brown and have little lumps every inch. And my secondary buck called Ron Maclean’s horns are dark brown and grow behind the head like Salt’s horns then instead of curling back to the head they go sideways, and it’s like that on all of the purebred Boer goats I’ve ever had.

Things that will help me improve my goats health is giving them some alfalfa pellets with some molasses on them.

During the winter I should maybe pen the goats separate from the rest of the herd except for the older babies so I can wean them. Then I will be able to give the moms grain so they can get more fat and the goats that will go for meat will still be grass fed!

I should start dehorning my goats so when we are foot trimming them or etc their horns don’t stab us. Like once two year ago I got a black eye from our former buck Don Cherry’s horns although they where already partially cut. So they aren’t sharp anymore. Sadly I could not find any pictures of him. But anyways he looked something like this except his horns where curled into one on the left side of his head. He was a purebred Saanen wich is dairy breed. Since we used to be a big dairy goat farm we used to have a lot of dairy goats. Now I’ve got two Boer bucks which are a meat breed my goal is to keep the girls with the most Boer genetics so soomeday I can get to the point of having all purebred Boer goats.

Saanen Dairy Goats

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That’s it hope you enjoyed!

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Mycorrhizae Fungi

Hello everyone! As an other dad essay today dad wants me to write an essay on mycorrhizae fungi so here it is!

A mycorrhiza/ Mycorrhizae Fungi is a symbiotic association between a fungus and a plant. The term mycorrhiza refers to the role of the fungus in the plant’s rhizosphere, its root system. Mycorrhizae play important roles in plant nutrition, soil biology and soil chemistry. So technically it is just a mushroom that works like a restaurant it delivers the plant. So let’s say the neighbouring Spruce is low on water he “calls” the Mycorrhizae Fungi and tells it it’s order/ it needs water and the nearest Mycorrhizae plant will deliver it if it has some. That’s why on our farm we practice no tilling because tilling the soil will kill the Fungi and the plants will have a harder time to grow. Wanna hear a joke? Who does “Myco” call to get some jokes? Fungi. Ha ha ha that’s a good one.

The end hope you enjoyed!

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More Baby Goats!

Hello! Last night I got to more new baby goats!

Their father is Edward.

Here are the baby’s and their mom! They are both girls. We will need names for the mom and the baby’s as the mom’s current name is Goat Who Keeps Jumping The Fence and I think that is a too long name.

Can’t wait to see what names you come up with that’s it!

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The Dalew Farms Animal Quiz!

Here is the link hope you enjoy!

That’s it!

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Animal Search!

Hello! So today since we aren’t that busy I want to do an animal search where I will put pictures and you have to find the animal or thing I tell you to find!

Can you find our guard dog?

This is Stella

can you find Stella in the next picture?

That’s it if you want more animal searches just comment on any post and make a request!

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What Would be the Best Stockers To Add To Our Herd?

Hello! Today I will be writing about some stockers my dad could use to add to our herd since we still need to expand our herd since we are selling tons of meat. So to determine this I will make a top 3 list with three reasons why this group of cows every heading.


Here are my three resons

1 Hereford is the best meat breed of all time.

2 Herefords have the stocky legs we want.

3 It would be good to keep some of them if they look like good parents.


1 Speckle Parks are very Similar to Red Angus the only difference is that they can be any color in any pattern.

2 Speckle Parks have stocky legs.

3 Speckle Parks are a great meat breed.


1 Hereford Red Angus Crosses are the ultimate cross in my opinion.

2 Hereford and Red Angus have both stocky legs.

3 Hereford and Red Angus can get pretty fat pretty quick when they are on grass which makes them pretty good for what we want!

And that’s the end of this essay!

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We Got 127 Chicks!!!

Hello today we went to the Co-op to get our order of 100 chicks ten Azure blue’s and 90 Rhode Island Reds and instead we got 11 Azure Blues and 116 Rhode Island Red’s. The yellow chicks are the Azur Blue’s and the Red ones are the Rhode Island Red chicks. They are under a heat lamp so you can’t really see their colors.

And that’s it!

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Educational Night

Hello! Last night my family and I went for a walk on one of the fields we are renting to see how our rye and winter pea mix was doing.

Although it looks like this field’s crop from last year wasn’t harvested it actually was. The dead stuff is the residue which will collapse onto the soil then the worms and mycorrhizae fungi will eat it then that one single plant can help 2 more plants. Do you see the little green things? Those are this years crop of rye and winter peas which both can survive the winter and most of the plants survived.

Now you must be wondering what mycorrhizae fungi is. Well mycorrhizae fungi is a type of fungi that is microscopic and so there is millions in our soils but then if you compare it to some conventional farmers fields you must be wondering where is the mycorrhizae fungi? Well we do no tillage and some farmers will till and plow their fields every year. No till is when we don’t plow or till a field even though we have all sorts of tillage equipment we only use it if necessary or if we are leveling out a field or renovating fields that were abandoned. Here is a picture of mycorrhizae fungi!

The mycorrhizae fungi is also known as the Funguy for a joke.

We also checked on our new ditch we had a tilling crue did for us.

I then went to our friend Jordans hunting stand to take a picture of the biggest oak tree I’ve ever seen close to where I live.

On the way back to the truck Emma was bugging me because she thought this was a good picture.

Then we found the remains of a giant tillage Radish a Moose or Deer had nibbled on.

When we got home we went to put the chickens inside the chicken trailer and then little innocent Max wanted some attention even though it was dark and hard to see.

Here is a video of the hens coming out of the chicken trailer.

Also we found an NHL licensed Chicago Blackhawks puck in our toy shed!

And this is what we did at the end of the day. I’m the tallest kid with the hat.

And that’s what we did for this field trip!

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Our Tracotrs!

Hello! Today I am going to write about all of our tractors on the farm!

So here is our smallest tractor!

Kubota M680
Kubota M9540 (small tractor Pulling the big tractor).
Kubota M110
Massey Ferguson 550 combine
John Deere 800 swather
Kubota T1570

Here are some more good tractor pics

I took this picture from our friend Jordan’s deer stand

And that’s it!

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We got more Baby Goats!!!

Saturday and friday where pretty hectic as we got three new baby goat in 2 days!!

Here is a pictures of both sets of babies parents.


Here is the first two twins that were born on friday: also the one with less brown on it’s head will need a name.

and here is a picture of their mom! Who will need a name two!

Now here is our third baby: we will be looking for names for the baby and the mom on this one. The moms current name is #51 her ear tag name but you can give me ideas for names for her two since she does not have a proper name!

Here is a picture of her dad Edward:

And that’s it! If you have any name ideas please comment below!