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Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today I just hit 100 followers! Here is the 100th Muserista. Here are my first ten!

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What’s funny is that these ten where all ROC students and know I’m getting all sorts of wonderful followers from where is live to across the world like australia! Here is my follower from Australia! thelevinelowdown Who was my 44th follower! And Jonathan Taylor was my 41st follower and my first Canadian farmer RPC student friend! This person was my first random follower: Emmanuel Oladele. My ten most recent are:

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Here is a list of all of the RPC students that are following me.

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So that means almost half of all of my followers are RPC students. Thank you so much for your support everyone! That’s it!

Dad essays

How Do Dandelions Turn Their Petals Into Seeds

Hello! Today as an dad essay dad wanted me to write an essay on Dandelions turn their petals into seeds. So here it is!

Image result for How do dandelions turn their petals into seeds?

Dandelion flowers open primarily during daylight hours, and their multiple florets enclose the male and female reproductive parts. Once pollination by bees or other insects has taken place, each fertilized floret produces a seed called an achene.Which is pretty simple in the end I thought it would of been more complicated oh well I guess that means I understand it well. A long time ago when my parents had the veggy farm we had a babysitter from Switzerland and she showed us how to make honey with dandelions it was very fun! We did not use a single be to make it! Once I ate a raw dandelion it tastes very sour. But the old babysitter but sugar in it so we would like it and all of her hard work would not go to waste.

That’s it hope you enjoyed!

Dad essays Farm Stuff

Mycorrhizae Fungi

Hello everyone! As an other dad essay today dad wants me to write an essay on mycorrhizae fungi so here it is!

A mycorrhiza/ Mycorrhizae Fungi is a symbiotic association between a fungus and a plant. The term mycorrhiza refers to the role of the fungus in the plant’s rhizosphere, its root system. Mycorrhizae play important roles in plant nutrition, soil biology and soil chemistry. So technically it is just a mushroom that works like a restaurant it delivers the plant. So let’s say the neighbouring Spruce is low on water he “calls” the Mycorrhizae Fungi and tells it it’s order/ it needs water and the nearest Mycorrhizae plant will deliver it if it has some. That’s why on our farm we practice no tilling because tilling the soil will kill the Fungi and the plants will have a harder time to grow. Wanna hear a joke? Who does “Myco” call to get some jokes? Fungi. Ha ha ha that’s a good one.

The end hope you enjoyed!

Dad essays Tractors!

Tractors I Could Potentially Buy In The Future

Hello! Today as an dad essay dad wanted me to write an essay on a few tractors I could buy. My plan is to first list my potential buys then I will make a top three for ones that make the most sense and il do a top ten favorites. I can’t really buy anything over the year of 2005 because the prices get to high. So I’m mainly sticking to under 1990.


The three most reasonable tractors to buy would probably be 9,8, and 3 because they all don’t have to much horsepower and there not to small and there more in the range dad thinks I should buy in and they are tractor I have already seen and thought it would be cool to have one someday.

My top ten most would be

  1. #9
  2. #12
  3. #7
  4. #2
  5. #8
  6. #6
  7. #1
  8. #3
  9. #11
  10. #3

Someday I hope to get to the point where I have giant tractors like these three.

That’s it hope you enjoyed folks!

History Schoolwork

RPC History 4 Lesson 95

Hello! This Mr.Livinston assigned me to do this: Summarize each of the inventions you studied this week and how they impacted history. Also, explain the most interesting thing you learned this week, and why .

  1. The Mercator Projection Map. The Mercator projection was originally developed in 1569 by the Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator. At this time, many of Europe’s top cartographers and explorers used elliptical projections derived from Ptolemy’s latitude and longitude grid.
  2. Gerardus Mercator. Gerardus Mercator, original name Gerard De Cremer, or Kremer?, (born March 5, 1512, Rupelmonde, Flanders [now in Belgium]—died December 2, 1594, Duisburg, Duchy of Cleve [Germany]), Flemish cartographer whose most important innovation was a map, embodying what was later known as the Mercator projection.
  3. Tycho Brahe. Tycho Brahe, (born December 14, 1546, Knudstrup, Scania, Denmark—died October 24, 1601, Prague), Danish astronomer whose work in developing astronomical instruments and in measuring and fixing the positions of stars paved the way for future discoveries.
  4. The Backstaff. Backstaff is the name given to any instrument that measures the altitude of the sun by the projection of a shadow. Invented by John Davis in the 16th century, it became a useful tool for navigators at sea. The backstaff was a navigational tool that measured altitude using the sun.

My favorite was probably Gerardus Mercator because his name sound very familiar to my pepere’s name (pepere is grandpa in french). My pepere’s name is Gerard but the adults call him Jerry. My pepere is very funny and always makes jokes. Now pepere and me go to Sudbury (where the big Nickel is) and deliver the Click fork orders for my mom and we always have tons of fun. My mom business is an online farmers market that is basted for north-east of ontario. It’s technically our farms side business that lets us add an S to Dalew FarmS.

That’s it!

Schoolwork Science

RPC Science L65

Hello! This week in science I did some painting I painted a fall trees landscape and a Spruce tree but I’m not that good at painting as much as I am sketching but oh well atleast I did it. I learned about many famous drawings my favorite was the corn harvesting picture because I thought it was cool to see how they used to harvest corn in Europe. I really like the sketching part of science so far because it’s less complicated and I enjoy it more. Here is my most recent drawing. You will be able to find most of my sketches on Jonathan very cool art website for RPC students and plenty of different students post their drawings on there. Here is the link.

International 966 originally made by Farmal

That’s it!

History Schoolwork

RPC History 4 L90

Hello! Here is my essay from Mr.Livingston: Summarize each of the inventions you studied this week and how they impacted history. Also, explain the most interesting thing you learned this week, and why.

The four inventors and inventions I learned about this week are: The Heliocentric Theory in lesson 86,
in Lesson 87 I learned about Nicolaus Copernicus,
in Lesson 88I learned about the great Andreas Vesalius,
and in Lesson 89 I probably learned about one of the greatest inventions of all time the pencil.

The Heliocentric Theory. In 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus detailed his radical theory of the Universe in which the Earth, along with the other planets, rotated around the Sun. … Galileo discovered evidence to support Copernicus’ heliocentric theory when he observed four moons in orbit around Jupiter.

Nicolaus Copernicus. Polish astronomer Copernicus is born. On February 19, 1473, Nicolaus Copernicus is born in Torun, a city in north-central Poland on the Vistula River. The father of modern astronomy, he was the first modern European scientist to propose that Earth and other planets revolve around the sun.

Andreas Vesalius. Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564) Andreas Vesalius was born on 31 December 1514 in Brussels, Belgium, then part of the Holy Roman Empire. He came from a family of physicians and both his father and grandfather had served the holy Roman emperor.

The Pencil. The modern pencil was invented in 1795 by Nicholas-Jacques Conte, a scientist serving in the army of Napoleon Bonaparte. The magic material that was so appropriate for the purpose was the form of pure carbon that we call graphite.

That’s it hope you enjoyed!

Dad essays

Why Does The Color Of Your Hair Change As You Age?

Hello! Dad wants me to write an essay on why does the color of your hair change as you age? The reason I am doing this project is because one of our Jersey cross bottle Calf was very light brown when he first came to the farm then his hair started turning black! So I wondered why this was happening and dad said I should do research on it and write an essay on it! So here I am!

Here is what I found!

The amount of eumelanin pigment determines how dark our hair is. The genes for making melanin might turn on or off over the course a person’s lifetime. If this happens in the cells at the bottom of your hairs, your hair might change color! Cool right? So maybe the pigment was changing on that calf because the cells at the bottom of his hairs were not working!

That’s it hope you enjoyed!

Dad essays

The History Of Challenger

Hello! Today as an dad essay I will be writting about the history of challenger.

Challenger is a brand of agricultural tractors, created by Caterpillar Inc. in 1986 and sold to AGCO in 2002. Although marketed as the world’s first rubber-tracked agricultural tractor, East German Company VEB Traktorenwerk Schönebeck had produced a tracked tractor (the ZT 300 GB) since 1983.

I have a Challenger 45 1994 toy tractor model.

Agco is a company rhat owns many tractor brands and make farm equipement. Here is a list of tractor companies they own.

  1. Agco
  2. Valtra
  3. Massey Ferguson
  4. Fendt
  5. Challenger
  6. Hesston
  7. White
  8. Cockshut
  9. Oliver

And there is a few more I can’t think of. Hesston used to make tractors but only make baling technology now. Challenger tractors were originally from White technology. White is an old tractor brand that was bought also buy Agco when CAT sold Challenger. When CAT bought White they kept the company in business for a little bit then they stopped and Changed it to CAT Challenger. The when Agco bought White they made their tractors for 1 or 2 more years then they stopped. Today there are plenty of Challengers like the Challenger Vario, Mt4500 and many more!

That’s it hope you enjoyed!



Hello! Today Mrs.Fish assigned me to write an essay on my favorite birthday present. My favorite birthday present would be my little cousin Jacques. He was born 3 days and 8 years after me just 3 days before my birthday. He was my favorite birthday present because he is funny and for his 1st birthday my dad and Jacques had 3 cakes (my dad was born the same day as me) and Jacques stuffed his cake in his face and hair and we called him Smurf! Another reason Jacques is my favorite birthday present is because he is a big tractor fan like me! Jacques has already driven the biggest tractor on the farm and he was only 2 years old back then! (Of course dad was there just in case). And Jacques is also able to drive his dad’s lawn tractor by himself and has his own little side by side that he drives around with and pretends he is feeding his imaginary cows. Jacques is also my favorite birthday present because he never goes to bed until the job is done. He goes to bed at 7 PM and he takes 45 minutes to do his chores before he finishes his chores! The last reason Jacques is my favorite birthday present is because he loves to play with me. The end!