Lego building instructions!

Lego Firewood Area Instructions!

Hello! Sorry I haven’t got to this lately we have been very busy as my dad and I are gone a lot working fields and seeding fields or other practical farm things. So I’m here now! Today’s instructions are about a level 2 with 134 pieces. (Not including character).

What You Will Need










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History Schoolwork

RPC History 4 Lesson 60

Hello! here is my assignment from Mr.Livingston! Describe each of the inventions you studied in this course this week, and how they impacted history.

Here are the four inventions I learned about: The Trebuchet, Distilled Spirits, the Vertical Windmill, and the stern mounted router.

The Trebuchet: It is a type of catapult that uses a long arm to throw a projectile. It was a common powerful power of the engine until the advent of gunpowder.

And before we get two Distilled Spirits look at this meme!

Distilled Spirits: Distilled Spirits where rather called Vodka, Whisky, WIne or etc. The Distilled Spirits were made by evaporating the alcohol inside a bottle of water and alcohol but they only evaporated the alcohol then the steam would go down a funnel like tube. Which then led to a second bottle that had could water pouring on top of the bottle to cool it down then thanks to the cold water the Distilled water was more concentrated.

The Vertical windmill: This windmills very first version was very unstable and made out of wood. The base of the old windmills looked like houses with a second tall house on top of it. The i bet you on very windy days some of does windmills would collapse.

The Mounted Router. Thanks to the mounted router the wright brothers were able to steer their plane which has now lead to our modern day planes. Then the Wright brothers first had the idea to put a mounted router on their plane when they seen on many boats that had those from the 1300 AD to current time.

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One last thing.

Me: The Wright brothers plane crashed do you want to now why?

Emma: Yes.

Me: The wrong brothers where trying to fly it!


Ewe Giving Birth!

Hello! Here is a video a I took a few days ago of a ewe giving birth!

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History Schoolwork

RPC History 4 Lesson 55

Hello! Today I shall do this assignment Mr.Livingston gave me: Summarize each of the four inventions you learned about in this course this week and explain their impact on history.

So too start of with here are the four things I learned about Universities, the Wine press, the Ribbed Vault, and the Chimney.

The Ancient Rome universities were mainly made for Bishops too learn how to write, and read. And before Ancient Rome collapsed a lot of the rich Romans went to universities and schools until Ancient Rome collasped.

The Wine Press. The wine press was first invented around 1000 AD by the Roman monks. After the Roman Empire collapsed the Roman farmers did not have enough money to make wine so then they payed just a little bit of money to the monks to use their Wine Press and then they still made a lot of money even though they had to pay some money to the monks.

The Ribbed Vault. A rib vault is an architectural feature used to cover a large interior space in a building, usually the nave of a church or cathedral, in which the surface of the vault is divided into webs

The Chimney. The Chimney is used to heat homes. The Chimney first triggered to become popular after the Romans discovered concrete. The more rich Roman had houses that had a room that was roofeles they made fires and the smoke would go up into the air. But then when the little Ice Age came many people died and that’s when the chimney saves many lives!

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Schoolwork Science

RPC Science 5 L15

Hello! Here is what I learned this week on science!

I learned some stuff about onions like the stuff that makes you cry is actually a self defense surprisingly. Also onions come in blue!?!?!? I’ve seen purple, red, and white onions but blue!?!?!? That’s cool!

I also was supposed to make a salsa but since we had no uses for the salsa we made a cake for my one year homeschool and blogging anniversary. Here is a picture of the brainy carrot cake.

The reason I call it a brainy cake is because instead of pelling the carrots I actually rounded them which made the inside of the cake look like a brown brain. And the last reason I call it a Brainy Carrot Cake is because Emma did not but the icing funnel in the bag properly! Also the orange part is supposed to be a carrot.

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Farm Stuff Jake essay ideas

The Dalew Farms Animal Quiz!

Here is the link hope you enjoy!

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Jake essay ideas

The How Well You Know Me Quiz

Hello! If you want to take the quiz here it is!

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Farm Stuff Jake essay ideas

Animal Search!

Hello! So today since we aren’t that busy I want to do an animal search where I will put pictures and you have to find the animal or thing I tell you to find!

Can you find our guard dog?

This is Stella

can you find Stella in the next picture?

That’s it if you want more animal searches just comment on any post and make a request!

English Schoolwork

RPC ENG 5 L30 (Final Draft)

Hello! Here is the assigment Mrs.Fish assigned me: Write one paragraph on what you like about your neighborhood or where you live.

So I will make ten reasons why I like my neighborhood.

1 I only have 5 neighbours so it is always quiet. 2 Most of our neighbors are funny.3 The neighbors on the other side of the highway have kids who like to go snowmobiling and fourwelling like me.4 Our neighbor Charlie is a electrician. 5 Charlie is super funny and loves to go snowmobiling with me and my dad. 6 Charlie likes to come have lunch or breakfast with us. 7 I like to see our neighbors get stuck with the fourwheeler, side by side or snowmobile and call us to pull them out. 8 I like doing competitions with our neighbors like last year we did a competition to see who could build the biggest fort. 9 Inviting neighbors over for parties. 10 Going four wheeling and snowmobiling with my neighbors.

Here is a picture from 2018 of my old four wheeler. Now the family and I have a super cool Polaris Xplorer 300 1997 ut I use it the most!

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History Schoolwork

History 4 Lesson 50

Hello! Here is my assignment: Briefly name and summarize the lives and main achievements of the four Islamic scholars you studied this week. Also explain why the Arabs made big advancements in fields related to biology, like medicine and the study of vision, but not in physics.

So the four men that where mentioned are: Al-Kindi, Khwarizmi, DR. Razi, and Al-Hazen.

Al-Kindi wrote at least two hundred and sixty books and contributed heavily to geometry.

Khwarizmi  invented the Arabic Number System. He also had many other achievements including: Being a scholar at the House of Wisdom.

DR. Razi was a musician and a money-changer until his 30s, when he began to study medicine in Baghdad.

Al-Hazen most famous astronomical work is Hayʾat al-ʿālam (“On the Configuration of the World”).

The Arabs made a big advancement in biology, like medicine and the study of vision, because of the four men I learned about this year which all had something to do with biology. Then when they started to have more interest in medicine, biology, and the study of vision they lost interest in physics and forgot about it for a while.

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