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How Do Dandelions Turn Their Petals Into Seeds

Hello! Today as an dad essay dad wanted me to write an essay on Dandelions turn their petals into seeds. So here it is!

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Dandelion flowers open primarily during daylight hours, and their multiple florets enclose the male and female reproductive parts. Once pollination by bees or other insects has taken place, each fertilized floret produces a seed called an achene.Which is pretty simple in the end I thought it would of been more complicated oh well I guess that means I understand it well. A long time ago when my parents had the veggy farm we had a babysitter from Switzerland and she showed us how to make honey with dandelions it was very fun! We did not use a single be to make it! Once I ate a raw dandelion it tastes very sour. But the old babysitter but sugar in it so we would like it and all of her hard work would not go to waste.

That’s it hope you enjoyed!

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Mycorrhizae Fungi

Hello everyone! As an other dad essay today dad wants me to write an essay on mycorrhizae fungi so here it is!

A mycorrhiza/ Mycorrhizae Fungi is a symbiotic association between a fungus and a plant. The term mycorrhiza refers to the role of the fungus in the plant’s rhizosphere, its root system. Mycorrhizae play important roles in plant nutrition, soil biology and soil chemistry. So technically it is just a mushroom that works like a restaurant it delivers the plant. So let’s say the neighbouring Spruce is low on water he “calls” the Mycorrhizae Fungi and tells it it’s order/ it needs water and the nearest Mycorrhizae plant will deliver it if it has some. That’s why on our farm we practice no tilling because tilling the soil will kill the Fungi and the plants will have a harder time to grow. Wanna hear a joke? Who does “Myco” call to get some jokes? Fungi. Ha ha ha that’s a good one.

The end hope you enjoyed!

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Tractors I Could Potentially Buy In The Future

Hello! Today as an dad essay dad wanted me to write an essay on a few tractors I could buy. My plan is to first list my potential buys then I will make a top three for ones that make the most sense and il do a top ten favorites. I can’t really buy anything over the year of 2005 because the prices get to high. So I’m mainly sticking to under 1990.


The three most reasonable tractors to buy would probably be 9,8, and 3 because they all don’t have to much horsepower and there not to small and there more in the range dad thinks I should buy in and they are tractor I have already seen and thought it would be cool to have one someday.

My top ten most would be

  1. #9
  2. #12
  3. #7
  4. #2
  5. #8
  6. #6
  7. #1
  8. #3
  9. #11
  10. #3

Someday I hope to get to the point where I have giant tractors like these three.

That’s it hope you enjoyed folks!

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Why Does The Color Of Your Hair Change As You Age?

Hello! Dad wants me to write an essay on why does the color of your hair change as you age? The reason I am doing this project is because one of our Jersey cross bottle Calf was very light brown when he first came to the farm then his hair started turning black! So I wondered why this was happening and dad said I should do research on it and write an essay on it! So here I am!

Here is what I found!

The amount of eumelanin pigment determines how dark our hair is. The genes for making melanin might turn on or off over the course a person’s lifetime. If this happens in the cells at the bottom of your hairs, your hair might change color! Cool right? So maybe the pigment was changing on that calf because the cells at the bottom of his hairs were not working!

That’s it hope you enjoyed!

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The History Of Challenger

Hello! Today as an dad essay I will be writting about the history of challenger.

Challenger is a brand of agricultural tractors, created by Caterpillar Inc. in 1986 and sold to AGCO in 2002. Although marketed as the world’s first rubber-tracked agricultural tractor, East German Company VEB Traktorenwerk Schönebeck had produced a tracked tractor (the ZT 300 GB) since 1983.

I have a Challenger 45 1994 toy tractor model.

Agco is a company rhat owns many tractor brands and make farm equipement. Here is a list of tractor companies they own.

  1. Agco
  2. Valtra
  3. Massey Ferguson
  4. Fendt
  5. Challenger
  6. Hesston
  7. White
  8. Cockshut
  9. Oliver

And there is a few more I can’t think of. Hesston used to make tractors but only make baling technology now. Challenger tractors were originally from White technology. White is an old tractor brand that was bought also buy Agco when CAT sold Challenger. When CAT bought White they kept the company in business for a little bit then they stopped and Changed it to CAT Challenger. The when Agco bought White they made their tractors for 1 or 2 more years then they stopped. Today there are plenty of Challengers like the Challenger Vario, Mt4500 and many more!

That’s it hope you enjoyed!

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My Purposed Homeschool Plan For The Summer

Hello! Last day my dad once again had an essay for me to do which I would have to write my summer vacation plan.

Here is June’s schedule.

All days have homeschool except 15, 21,23,28, and 30 plus weekends.


9,10,16,17,21,23,29,30, and 31 plus weekends are all non school days.


2,7,9,14,15,16,17,20,21,22,23,24,27,28,29 and weekends are all non school days.


2,3,6 are no school days plus weekends and then our school schedule goes back to normal

And that’s it!

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The Netherlands

Hello! Today as a dad essay I will be writing about the Netherlands! To start with you need to know where netherlands is. The Little red dot is the Netherlands.

And this is just the NetherLands.

Here is some background on why I decided to do this geography project on the Netherlands. My grandma’s family is is from Holland/NetherLands They were called the Zwep’s pronounced Zwepe. My grandma is noot from Holland but her parents where. I did not get to meet great grandpa Zwep but I was able to meet Great Grandma Zwep when I was a baby. My grandma has three brothers and one sister . 1 Uncle Jerry, 2 Uncle Harry, 3 Uncle George and Aunt Atje . I don’t know their birth order but I’m pretty sure Uncle Jerry was the youngest.

No let’s get back to the actual subject. In Holland they speak Dutch, The three words in Dutch I know are: hallo/hello, licor/delicious, and doei/bye.

Here are their top 5 traditions

Sinterklaas. One traditional festivity in the Netherlands is the feast of Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas (Dutch pronunciation:  or Sint-Nicolaas (Dutch pronunciation:  is a legendary figure based on Saint Nicholas, patron saint of children. Other names for the figure include De Sint (“The Saint”), De Goede Sint (“The Good Saint”), and De Goedheiligman (“The Good Holy Man”) in Dutch; Saint Nicolas in French; Sinteklaas in West Frisian; Sinterklaos in Limburgs; Saint-Nikloi in West Flemish; Kleeschen and Zinniklos in Luxembourgish; Sankt Nikolaus or Nikolaus in German; and Sint Nicholas in Afrikaans.

Christmas. Among the Dutch, Christmas (which lasts two days) is a time of togetherness.

New Year.

And Easter.

If I had to go to 3 Places in Europe I would go to Holland, England and Sweden. I also have family from England but this project is on the Netherland not England and tractors I’ve already got of track enough times.

Mennonites, Mennonites come from the Netherlands. Here is a chart of where they can be found and how many there where in 2019.

North America: 672,000

Latin America and Caribbean: 270,000

Europe: 63,000

Africa: 735,000

Asia and Pacific: 420,000

Africa Has the most Mennonites. All together there is a total of 2160000 all over the world.

All though my number 1 favorite brand is Kubota I have a top five list of my favorite tractor brands.

  1. Kubota
  2. Case IH
  3. Versatile
  4. Challenger
  5. Massey Fergusson

My family has had a great liking with Massey Ferguson almost every farmer family member I can think of had or has a Massey Ferguson. We had two older Masseys. Uncle Jerry’s has one. Grandpa had many over the course of his farming career. Actually one of our Massey’s used to be grandpa’s.

Dad essays Tractors!

The History of Case IH

Hello! Today I will Be writing about the history of the Case IH tractor brand!

Case IH

Case IH has been in business for over 175 years know and there is a lot of history behind them.


Before Case IH existed there was only Case. The colors of the original tractor was orange and white lucky I have a case model tractor that I use for forage harvesting.

Mine is not in the best condition but I have had it for quite a while. Here is some history of the founder of Case.

Case’s Founder

Jerome Increase Case (1819–1891) was born to a Williamstown, New York farming family. As a young child, Case read about a machine that could cut wheat without people needing to use their hands. He developed an interest in agriculture at that point.Case took small, hand-powered threshing machines to Wisconsin in 1842, where he improved the design and established a company to manufacture them. In 1843, Case moved the business to Racine, Wisconsin, in order to have better access to water power, and opened the Racine Threshing Machine Works. In 1863, Case partnered with three of his top employees, Massena Erskine, Robert Baker and Stephen Bull. Case was also involved in politics and horse racing. Over time, the company grew.

International Harvester

Before I talk about how these two brands merged I have to tell you all how International Harvester started. I also have a IH which is short for International Harvester.

The International Harvester Company (often abbreviated by IHC or IH, or shortened to International) was an American manufacturer formed from the 1902 merger of McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and Deering Harvester Company. The business lines of the company included agricultural equipment, automobiles, commercial trucks, lawn and garden products, household equipment, and other entities. Along with the Farmall and Cub Cadet tractors, International is also known for the Scout and Travelall vehicle nameplates. Following years of financial and economic decline, International began selling its separate equipment divisions, starting with the sale of the construction division to Dresser Industries in 1982. In November 1984 IH finalized a deal with Tenneco to sell the farm equipment division to its subsidiary, J.I Case. Henceforth IH became a truck and engine manufacturer, reorganized as Navistar International in 1986. Throughout its existence International Harvester was headquartered in Chicago, Illinois (and Navistar remained through 2000).

Then Case and International merged. On November 23, 1984, the deal was finalized. Almost three months later, during February 1985, the transaction was completed.

Then Ford came who made tractors. After New Holland came next Ford bought New Holland and let go the Ford brand. then Case IH bought New Holland. Next Ford decided to make tractors again and they called them Ford Versatile. And I have one.

Then Versatile bought itself out of Ford then Versatile became its own company.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed!

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The Wood Chipboard Industry!

Hello! Last day me and my dad were wondering what species of trees do woodworkers use to make chipboard?

Well I figured out that they use Spruce Trees and Pines to make chipboards so in the Pines we have Red Pine, White Pine, Jack Pine, and etc. The reason I am doing research on the logging industry is because I have been sleeping on the rec room couch for awhile and mom said the room was getting messy so we used Chipboards and milk crates to lift my bed of the ground. Know the reason I was sleeping on the couch is because a week ago me and my mo where taking of my bed sheet when we discovered that something was chewing on my bed sheet. so then we looked under my bed and we found turds that were too big to be mice turds but where to small to be Rat turds. So that narrowed us down to only one being… My lost Gerbil!!! So about two months ago someone forgot to keep the door closed to my bedroom where we were keeping the Gerbil and the cat got in and broke the pipe that leads to where the gerbil normally sleeps. So then we though the cat had eaten her. The a month and a half later that when the bed situation came. When we moved the bed I was hoping that if my gerbil was still alive that the cat would find it and eat it. Although it would be nice to see how the gerbil is surviving independently. Here is a picture of my bed!

And here is a picture of our gerbil before she went missing.

Now back to the subject!

Chipboard is little wood chips from trees like Spruce that were cut into plywood the pieces when fling and does pieces are rather wood chip or saw dust that comes from the saw.

Here is a picture of worlds largest Spruce tree!

The logging industry has been here for a very long time so long that when the pioneers moved to Canada and the united states it was already an old thing.

Here are a couple of pictures of giant pine trees

Red Pine
White Pine

I have planty of pictures of giant pines fro maround here on my phone the only problem is I can’t find my phone 😦 but I’ll eventually find it!

Here are picture of some of the biggest trees on the home farm I took using my moms phone!

Soft Maple!

Three years age there was a big storm that knocked down two branches of the tree and broke our old swinging tire. But besides that it’s been great! In the background you can see the new silo we got quite a while ago. And you might be able to see the lawn mower.

What is your favorite tree or the biggest tree where you live? The Maple tree is probably the third biggest tree on the home farm! Our home farm is 146 acres dad said about 46 no workable and 100 workable or has buildings on it. We once cut down a Pine tree at the back of our farm that was 237 years old! I was super big! I kept part of the trunk as a decoration!

And that’s it!

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What Is Food Fasting?

Hello! This morning I discovered that one of my friends is food fasting and I asked my dad what is food fasting? And that’s what led to this essay.

First when I search for food fasting I only typed fasting which then gave me fastening bolts. The when I typed food fasting there were plenty of things about it! I guess it must popular!

Here is what I found:

Fasting completely for 1 or 2 days a week, known as the Eat-Stop-Eat diet, involves eating no food for 24 hours at a time. Many people fast from breakfast to breakfast or lunch to lunch. People on this diet plan can have water, tea, and other calorie-free drinks during the fasting period. Isn’t this crazy!?!?! I can’t go two hours without have a snack! And if I skipped a meal then next id probably double that I would normally eat. LIke once I was babysitting my sister Olivia and she made her super but not mine and I completely forgot about super since I was doing chores! Also another time I was sick and I could only eat bread, crackers, and bananas! Then we ran out of crackers then I drained the supply of bananas then said only one bread per day because we only had one loaf of bread left. So then two days later when I felt better and I ate triple at every meal that day! SO I think for me its a bad idea to do food fasting. But research does say it is good for adults.

Just imagine! Your mom has a food company like my mom and I’m sitting there watching her put Trout into customers orders and I so badly wanted to try the Trout!

And that’s it for this essay from dad!