What I learned

Todays funny NHl Commercials will be canceled but that’s totally fine.

And for what I learned this week was my first 5 lessons learning about reptiles and amphibians!

I learned about the only venomous lizard in the united states called the Gila monster,

and the Horny toad that’s actually a Lizard.

Heres a video of a Gila Monster attacking prey.

Here is a bonus.


Funny NHL comercials PT3











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NHL funny Comercial PT2












Here’s an extra one that’s not a commercial.

And one more bonus.


What I learned

What I learned this week is about the Sperm Whale, the Giant Squid and the killer Whale.

The one I like the most is the Sperm whale because of it’s size and all the legends about how it can essly desstroy ships and subbmarines.

Here’s a video of a Sperm Whale going after a Giant Squid.

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NHL funny Moments





















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My most fascinating dream is the dream or I dreamed it had a zombie apocalypse.
At the beginning of the dream it was my normal life. Suddenly zombies appeared and they have already eaten half of the community. Well there were only 50 people: me, my friend Felix, the dog Felix, Bella, Mom, Dad, Emma, ??a stranger, one of our cows, 15 of our dairy goats and other strangers.
Me, Felix, Dad and 4 other foreigners defended women and 2 babies. During this time women were taking what is needed to survive, such as toilet paper and eating. Afterwards, all the survivors came to our house to block the windows and survive at home until a rescue bus found us. Our weapons were nerve rifles with needles, three real pistols knives, tractors, trucks and carved branches. In the end, we are all dead.
This was a dream from when I was five LOL


RPC Eng L60

What’s a good friend? A good friend is someone who sticks up for you, helps you when you’re down, dose not leave you all alone thinking that your having fun, A friend dose not stab you in the back ( I didn’t literally mean it I mean like friends says” don’t worry I wont tell you’re secret, *turns around to the popular group and says* “hey everyone john pied in his bed!”) A good friend helps you, dose not turn against you for every little thing and then says “can we be friends again” you: “sure anyways since when have we not been friends?” you say and then he says” where not friends anymore” *cries*.

Taht’s all on my assingment of what’s a good friend!


If A Lion Walked In My House….

Lesson 50 RPC English.

If a lion walked into my home my dad would probably get the gun and mom me and my sisters would hide in the closet or something like that.
how Olivia would react Olivia would start crying and freaking out. How Emma would react Emma would freak out and cry to. How my mom would react she would be scared almost crying and trying to call the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources). How Dad would react honestly how I think he will react is grape the gun and get mad. How I would react I would do anything I could to help dad and freak out and get mad. That’s what would happen if a Lion walked into my home.

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what I learned

this week in science i learned about Lambpreys, Hagfish and angling.


Lambprays look weirdly interesting and dangerous here is a picture of a mature one

here is a video of what they do.


Haggfish are very slimy her is a picture and a video.

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If I could change one the thing in the world I would change the bullying problems one of the biggest problems at my former school and I’m a victim for that It’s one of the reasons why I’m homeschooled now. I was bullied a ton back in my school days I’m glad I’m homeschooled now. I am planning to return to school for grade 8 and then returning to homeschool until I go to college or I might do my college at home who knows. .Sorry if in my draft I wrote culprit I meant victim.

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