RPC Science 6 Lesson 75

Howdy! Here is what I learned today in science!

So to start of with I learned about my plant hardiness zone, If you look at this picture in the province of Ontario there is a city called greater Sudbury and just beside there is a big lake well beside that big lake there is a zone of light green which we live on the edge of that about.

I also learned a method Ive never herd of before on how to grow eating sprouts, which is when you put the seeds in a jar then fil the jar with water and rinse it every 24 hours.

I then learned about succulents, and then how to grow a lemon tree although I think it’s impossible in Canada as it’s to cold.


RPC Science 6 Lesson 65

Howdy! Here is what I learned in science today!

So to start with I am doing Horticulture (Gardening) in this section know and I already have an area for my garden planned out so beside my parts tractor which I have been taking apart so that the more valuable parts are stored inside so it looks different I put a tire of our Kubota M9540 which is where my garden is going to be. And it will be a handy spot because moms porta potty for click fork is right beside it!

Anyways I learned how to graph a tree which is when you cut all the little branches but one and take different varieties and put them in the bark to grow.

And dad was one step ahead! The year I started homeschool we had some pear tress, and apple trees that needed pruning so he thought me that and everything and know Mr. Dignam’s pruning lesson was like a review!

That’s it for today!


RPC Public Speaking Lesson 35


RPC English 5 Last Lesson 180

Hello! Here is my last grade English assignment:

Writing Assignment: Write a final draft of your essay on the following topic: What did you learn from this class this year? What did you enjoy the most?

My favorite part about English grade 5 would be writing essays because I get to discuss my opinion on things like in lessons 165 and 170. I also enjoy getting nice comments and debating. Although it gets boring listening to the videos sometimes it’s worth it once I write the essays.

I would like it if on the 4th lesson we wrote the rough draft and on 5 the final draft so we could write more essays but it’s not the end of the world. As sometimes we say in french “c’est la vie” (it’s life). I also liked it in lesson 49 I think it was when we did a word search.

I also enjoy writing essays because I get to listen to music and when I don’t the house is very quiet. Because the girls are either collecting eggs or they are still listening to their video. They are slower than me at schoolwork, well Emma is known in our family for being slow. 😉But both of my sisters are improving and I want that to keep up!

The END!


The History Of Articulated Tractors

Howdy! Here is a french assignment I translated.

A four-wheel drive tractor is a tractor that rolls independently on each wheel.

An articulated tractor is a four-wheel drive tractor whose center contains an articulation that joins the front and rear of the tractor, giving it better traction and more flexibility to move.

Now I will show you a brief history of the evolution of articulated tractors.

In 1920 Massey Harris purchased Wallis Tractors to create the first 4WD tractor. Wallis Tractors was founded by Henry Wallis the son-in-law of Jérôme Case the creator of J.I. CASE. Wallis built tractors for his stepfather until Massey Harris bought his company to build the first four-wheel drive tractor. The first Massey Harris 4WD was the GP 15/22 built from 1930 to 1936.

Massey Harris GP Specs and data - United Kingdom

After that, crawler tractors were created in 1920. For example, here is a John Deere MC. The tracks help to gain traction in sandy and loose soils.

File:John Deere model MC, Royal Norfolk Show 29-06-2011.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Then in 1948 the first 4 wheel drive articulated tractor was built by two men named Herbert and Arthur Walton.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is resize.php 10 years later, in 1958, the Steiger brothers created their first articulated tractor, the Steiger # 1.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is steiger_barn.jpg

In 1966 Peter Pakosh and Roy Robinson created their first tractor, the Versatile D100.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is th

In 1977 the Big Bud 747 was built and became the world’s largest tractor.

Big Bud 747

In 1978 the first International 2 + 2 came into life and was one of the funniest tractors of all time because of its long nose. But it was designed that way, for good reason.

Big, Bad and Ugly: 1980 IH 3788 2+2 - Diesel World

The reason is that the cabinet is behind because it gives the driver a better view of what he is doing.

In 1988, CASE IH purchased Steiger to build articulated tractors which were called CASE IH Steiger. The first articulated tractor to have tracks was the CASE IH Steiger Quadtrac.

For over 20 years, @caseih has led and perfected track ...

Here is a list of all the tractor brands I can think of that made articulated tractors.

  • Wagner
  • John Deere
  • Big Bud
  • Steiger
  • J.I. CASE
  • International
  • Ford
  • New Holland
  • Versatile
  • Massey Ferguson
  • Buhler Versatile
  • Ford Versatile
  • White
  • Challenger
  • Oliver
  • Minneapolis Moline
  • MTZ
  • Ventrac
  • Steiner
  • Landini
  • Claas
  • Allis Chalmers
  • Raygo Wagner
  • Kirovets

And here are some pictures:

Pics: New 175-210hp Canadian-built tractors unveiled ...
Steiger | Tractors, Big tractors, Tractor manufacturers
2009 Case IH Steiger 335 - Articulated 4WD Tractors - Waverly
1992 Case 9250 - Articulated 4WD Tractors - John Deere ...
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Ford 9480 ARTICULATED 4WD TRACTOR IL USA - Used Tractors ...
Kirovets K744 Articulated Tractor Mercedes Engine 435HP ...
Articulated tractor - All the agricultural manufacturers ...
New Holland T9.600 4wd 3Pt Hitch Pto Articulated Tractor ...
1980 Massey Ferguson 1505 | Tractors, Agriculture tractor ...
Massey Ferguson Tractor MF4000 Series - 4800 4840 4880 ...
White 4-180 Articulated Tractor | Machinery & Equipment
Articulating Tractors Gallery – Oliver Heritage Magazine ...
oliver combines | oliver combines - group picture, image ...
Case IH 4890 Tractors - Articulated 4WD - John Deere ...
1975 International Harvester 4366 Tractors - Articulated ...
1998 Case IH 9370 Tractors - Articulated 4WD - John Deere ...
Industrial History: IH: 2+2 Tractor (Anteater)

The end!



Hello! This is a french assignment I translated into english about No-Till.

No-till is when you won’t till the soil to plant your seeds. By breaking up the soil, the carbon is exposed to the air, and becomes part of the air, making it difficult for animals and people to breathe. No-till farming is going to help reduce global pollution more than electric cars, because when a farmer tills the soil, all the carbon comes out into the air.

And that’s why instead of creating expensive electric cars, encourage local farmers to start no-till farming. There are special seed drills or planters made so you don’t need to till and there are No-Till Seeders that will allow you to plant seeds sooner! There is also a way to get the carbon back into the soil by planting cover crops. Some of these plants are commonly mix together, like sorghum and sun hemp or other plants. Maybe I’ll do another blog on this some other time.

No-till also increases the yield of the plants because the water does not evaporate so easily and there are more microorganisms which supply the plant with what it needs.

Bringing No-Till To The Palouse | 2011-11-01 | No-Till Farmer
Park your plow: 5 tips for the no-till-curious | Corn and ...

In the picture above, planting a new crop into an older one like in the first photo of wheat and in the second photo of hay can also increase the yield by a lot and make the soil very rich in microorganisms. also plays a very important role in the health of your plants.

Worms eat the residue and makes fertilizer for your plants with its poop. The more earthworms you have in your fields, the healthier your plants will be and the more fish you will be able to catch!

Fall is Big Fish Time! - Jax Beach Surf Fishing

Also by doing No-Till you need less big equipment and this means more money in your bank! The only time it’s okay to till is when the soil is too bumpy or the soil is too compacted. If you No-Till you will have more time for your family!

Tillage Practices Have A Direct Correlation To Soil Health ...

Check out these few other picture of these tractors planting with No-Till drills and planters and tractors plowing, and tell me which pictures of the soil looks most alive in.

No-Till, Cover Crop Acres Continue Upward Trend | No-Till ...
Tilling The Soil Photograph by Wayne Stabnaw
Grassland Tilling & Ploughing for Potatoes | Texel 2019 ...
NO TILL Model 3P606NT | Rosher - Agricultural Machinery
Till vs. No-Till
Does No-Till Agriculture Practices Mitigate Climate Change ...

And here’s what carbon looks like when it’s still in the soil.

The black layer is the carbon.

And that’s it!


RPC Science 5 Lesson 140

Hello! As an essay from MR.Dignam on science I will write about what I learned this week, and give a little piece of my story that I’m hoping to finish my rough draft of it today. So here’s my work! I learned that you should not start a sentence with the same word over and over again because first of all that’s not proper grammar second of all it gets a little annoying in my opinion. Here is a little bit of my story:

The mega farm

The Big Bud 16V 747 Tractor | Octane Press

Once upon a time in a far far far far far very far away land there was a twelve year old boy named Jake Lewington whom wanted the world’s largest farm. One day he was scratching a lottery ticket for his mom and the deal was if he won the 3 trillion dollar jackpot with the card he picked he would be able to keep half of the money….. Then one day as Jake was scratching a ticket and got three 7’s in a row as he scratched the last circle he was very nervous and excited because at the time there was a 75%  chance of winning then he got the whole family to watch him scratch the last circle then…..

I like the strategy tv show producers use where you have to watch the next episode to see what happens! I think that’s a really good strategy because it encourages you to watch the next episodes or season. Know just so you know I am not allowed to scratch scratch tickets because it’s illegal to buy them if your under 18 years old but in the story it is legal. And that’s it hope you enjoyed!


RPC Science 5 Lesson 70

Hello! Today Mr.Fish wanted me to write about what I learned today!

So first I learned that painting is harder than it looks.

I then learned that practice makes perfect and that even though something goes wrong you can still fix it by painting on top of the mistake. I don’t have any paintings to show today because on my first painting we had a little accident with some paint but we one going to let it dry, then repaint it and it will be as good as new!

My sister olivia always enjoys painting with me in science and here is her painting:

Olivia one of my younger sisters does really good at things like this and my ultimate painting goal is to become better than her but that might take a while then end!


I’m Proud To Say….

That I have officially bought my first tractors! My Farmall SW4 that I am going to restore and my W4 that I’ll use for parts!

Here is some pictures of them!

My Farmall SW4 is so old that it has a belt! Before PTO’s where invented the used leather belts to do task that most PTO’s would do today. My SW4 also has a PTO so that probably means it was manufactured during the first few years of PTO and through the last few years a Belts.

That’s it!



Hello! Today Mrs.Fish assigned me to write an essay on my favorite birthday present. My favorite birthday present would be my little cousin Jacques. He was born 3 days and 8 years after me just 3 days before my birthday. He was my favorite birthday present because he is funny and for his 1st birthday my dad and Jacques had 3 cakes (my dad was born the same day as me) and Jacques stuffed his cake in his face and hair and we called him Smurf! Another reason Jacques is my favorite birthday present is because he is a big tractor fan like me! Jacques has already driven the biggest tractor on the farm and he was only 2 years old back then! (Of course dad was there just in case). And Jacques is also able to drive his dad’s lawn tractor by himself and has his own little side by side that he drives around with and pretends he is feeding his imaginary cows. Jacques is also my favorite birthday present because he never goes to bed until the job is done. He goes to bed at 7 PM and he takes 45 minutes to do his chores before he finishes his chores! The last reason Jacques is my favorite birthday present is because he loves to play with me. The end!