What I learned

This week on science I learned about King cobras, Boas and Pythons.

My favorite is the Boas because when you pronounce it it sound like Boer Goat accept the goat part ins-int true in there and I like he size of the Boa . Here’s a video of a Python attacking prey.

All done!


RPC Eng Lesson 90 Half Way Mark!!!

My favorite book ive read or herd about.
Is the book about Bobby Orr Here’s a pic of him many years ago…
My favorite Book witch I’m still reading is the Book about Bobby Orr Here are his stats.
Bobby Orr
Born Mar 20 1948 — Parry Sound, ONT
[71 yrs. ago]
Height 6.00 — Weight 199 [183 cm/90 kg]

NHL Totals
GP ——G —- A — P — PIM ——-——————+/-
657 – 270- 645-915——953 ——- Did not exist in his days.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs
GP G A P PIM There is no +/- in the playoffs
74 26 66 92 92

Bobby is the writer of the book and in the book Bobby talks about his life in the NHL and most of all one of the greatest goals of all time here is a video:
and here is one about him:

and here is one about him:

GP stands for Games played, G is for Goals, A is for assist, P is for points so Assist and goals put together, +/- is for how many games he won when he was playing and PIM stands for PIM – Penalties in minutes – Number of penalty minutes the player has been assessed. For statistical purposes, ten minutes are recorded for a game misconduct, gross misconduct, or match penalty. PPG – Power play goals – Number of goals the player has scored while his team was on the power play.

The amount of goals Bobby got is a record for defense man in the NHL . Here is a chart of all the positions on the ice accept for referee and linesman since there not players.

Hockey rink and..

Hockey player position. RW stand for right wing LW is for left wing, C is for center man, D is for Defense-man and G is for Goalie.

All done!