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Quick Little About What Breed Of Pony/Horse Breed I Need Quiz!

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I’m all done Science 4!

So the last five days I learned about making electricity free elevators, models of things like planes cars, etc.

I’ll never forget this course!

So what was very interesting about these last five days of science 4 was I never realized how close I was to finsihing the course, and in grade five science I’ll be making a movie, photography, stories, meals and even a rocket!

So at science this week I finally realized how complicated it is to build an elevator I always thought oh this is easy just tie a rope to a hook and tie the other end to a pulley but no no no it’s way more complicated than that… First of all I need a way to make sure my passengers or objects I put on wont fall of. Then I have to make sure my rope is very strong and stable after that I need to figure out a way to lift the elevator cart.

So when I was listening to the modeling videos I never realized that a lot of things I like to do include modeling like building lego’s, playing minecraft, and etc. Here is a picture of a model of a Saloon I made.

So that’s all you’ll here about science 4 now!