English Schoolwork


Hello! Today mrs.Fish wanted me to: Write a final draft of your essay on the following topic: What is the best birthday present you ever received?

Here it is:

The best birthday present i’ve ever received would be my little cousin Jacques. Jacques was born April the 27th 2017 (which was the same year I broke my leg). Jacques birthday is three days before mine and I was born on the 30th of April 2008. Jacques is very funny at times like on his first birthday he came over for a party at our house me him and my dad each got a seperate cake (me and my dad share the same birthday). Jacques cake was a chocolate cake with blue icing, dad’s was a chocolate cake with caramel in the middle, and mine was an ice cream cake. When Jacques blough out his candles he started eating the cake right away with his hands and of course got some on his face and hair. Then when he finished eating his cake he looked like a Smurf!

Now Jacques is really in the farm things like tractors and farm animals. Him and the rest of his family just moved in last year to the new home they built in the bush it’s really cool! my uncle has a lawn tractor but since they don’t have lawn yet they don’t have much to do with yet so one day my uncle thought Jacques how to drive the lawn tractor and now he can drive it by himself! And 5 or six visits before the house was built during the winter he came over and he was able to drive the M110X by himself! and he was only 2 years old back then! And the M110X is a pretty big tractor for a little guy like him!

That’s it!

The End.