Schoolwork Science

RPC Science 6 lesson 40

Hello! So Mr. Dignam wanted me to write a 150 word essay on Roses and I need to find three variety’s that can be grown in my state (for me Province) but yeah.

So the first type of Roses is white and it’s called the Eden Climber, my second one is Yellow and its called the Graham Thomas, and third is the Pink nock out which is obviously pink.

So Roses also have a special meaning to their color like red ones represent love yellow represents friendship, pink means Gratitude, and last White means Purity.

Turns out there is an actual Rose fair that goes on every three years in the U.S. to see who can grow the best rose. In my mind I picture this event as a bunch of grandmas that look like Queen Elizabeth dressed in fancy clothes showing of there Roses.

The End!

By JakeLewie10

I'm am a almost 13 year old who lives on a farm in northern Ontario, I love tractors, trucks, dogs, and LEGO's.

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