Howdy, It’s Been A While!

Il be honest I lost interest in the whole blog thing for a bit but I thought I’d start doing posts again, so here is a farm update.

Well I have not made a post in quite a bit so here is a farm update. We sold the M9540 sadly here is the last picture I have ever taken of it before it left 😦

I bought a snowmobile its a Polaris Indy 440 liquid cooled. I am the proud owner of 6 push lawnmowers and one of which runs but barely as I need to clean the full tank. And the best part is there all free! We also got back into the pig business we have around 57 pigs. All of the sheep are sold, and my sisters got two new pet kittens.

My tractor is almost ready I need to call in for a part today pick it up install the replace the one tire and I will be able to drive it!

Anyways I thought I’d give an update so you don’t think ive disappeared!