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The History Of Massey Ferguson

Hello! As an essay idea I came up with myself today I am going to write about the history of Massey Ferguson! Here it is!

The originale company was named Massey Harris founded in 1847 by Daniel Massey.

In 1911 Ferguson tractors was founded by Harry Ferguson who was the first Irishman to build his own plain and fly it.

Here are some Massey Harris tractor pictures.

Here are some ferguson pictures.

In 1953 Massey Harris and Fergusson forget to create Massey Ferguson.

My grandpa is a big fan of Massey Ferguson and we used to be two. Over the years my grandpa has had a lot of Massey Ferguson tractors. My dad’s first tractor was a Massey Ferguson 270. When we first got in to the dairy goat business seven years ago my grandpa was retiring from the farm so we bought his old Massey Ferguson 6180, his old snow blower, rake and a few more pieces of farm equipment. But sadly know we don’t do dairy goats any more. We also had a Massey Ferguson 3090 awhile ago two but we sold it. Sme thing happened with the 6180. I don’t have any pictures of the 3090 that know of but a while ago the 3090 got stuck and I learned how to drive a tractor for the first time while dad tried to pull out the 3090 but the 6180 so we called our neighbor Ernest and he brought his biggest Massey and pulled us out Ernest is a very big Massey Ferguson fan. I have a picture of the 6180 ploughing a field so we can tile it.

In 1993 Massey Ferguson was bought by AGCO at one point AGCO used Massey Ferguson technology to make their tractors but then eventually stopped making AGCO tractors around 2010.

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Jake essay ideas Tractors!

Me Playing Farming Simulator 19

Hello! This morning since I felt like it I will share you some pictures of me playing Farming Simulator 19.

Massey Ferguson 7122 and a AGCO/Massey Ferguson Ideal 9T.

There are no Kubota’s in the game yet but since my second favorite brand is AGCO, AGCO owns Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Challenger, and Valtra. My favorite AGCO brand is Massey Ferguson so technically my second favorite tractor brand.

The Massey’s meet.
flipped Case IH Pro Magnum 7210.
Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 470
New Holland T7.290
Challenger MT975E
Case IH Pro Magnum 7210
Case IH Steiger 530
Challenger MT1114
AGCO/Massey Ferguson Ideal 8T

That’s it!

Jake essay ideas Tractors!

The History Of Versatile

Hello! Today I am going to write about the history of Versatile… Here it is!

The first tractor they made was the D100 in 1966 but that was not the beginning of Versatile.

Versatile started in 1947 but only made tillage equipment until 1966. In 1966 they started to build the Versatile D100 which has 100HP.

In 1967 they started to build the G125 which had 125HP.

In 1969 they started building the 118, 125, and 145 models, which had 118, 125, and 145HP.

In 1973 they started building the 700, 800, 850, and 900. My Uncle Jerry had a Versatile 900 a few months back. The 700 had 220 hp, the 800 had 250 hp, the 850 had 280 hp, and the 900 had 300 hp.

Uncle Jerry’s Versatile 900

In 1977 they built the Big Roy which had 600hp but was too big in its time so it was cancelled.

In 1989 Ford bought Versatile. The first Ford Versatile built was the 846 built from 1989 to 1993, which had 230hp.

In 2000 Buhler bought Versatile from Ford and made the Buhler Versatile 2425 and some other tractors. The 2425 has 425hp.

In 2008 (the year I was born) Versatile bought Versatile from Buhler, and Versatile made the Versatile 400 and three other smaller tractors. The 400 has 400hp

In 2016 Versatile changed its colors to red, black, and yellow. They made the 550 and other very large tractors. The 550 has 550HP.

In 2017 they returned to their official 1966 heritage colors but added black. This year they made the models: 380, 400, 430, 460, 520, 570, 610. The 610 has 610 HP.

In 2019 Versatile started making the Nemesis series and also got hired by Kubota to start the M8 series.

Versatile Nemesis 195 has 195HP
The Kubota M8-211 which has 210hp

My favorite tractor from this essay would be the M8-211 but since it has to be a Versatile Il go with Uncle Jerry’s Versatile 900

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Jake essay ideas Tractors!

Tractors Getting Stuck!

Hello! Since I have time to burn today which I haven’t had in awhile I will post some pictures of tractors getting stuck!

And that’s it for now!

Jake essay ideas Tractors!

Versatille Is Making Tractors For Kubota!

Hello! I just figured this out yesterday that Versatille is making tractors for Kubota marked under Kubota’s name! This is an interaction between my number one favorite tractor brand kubota and my 3rd favorite brand Versatille. No Kubota did not buy Versatille but they made a deal so Versatile makes tractors for Kubota! Did you know my first word I ever said was tractor? Kubota made tractors up to the M7 series until this deal came now they have the M8 series and a few more!

Here are some pictures of the tractors Versatille is making for Kubota

Kubota M8 211
My Favorite the Kubota articulated tractor! They have not made a name for it yet from what I know of but eventually it will have one.

Doesn’t the Kubota articulated tractor look a lot like Versatile articulated tractor?

Versatille 9RX

The only reason I discovered this deal is because I was looking for new profile pictures and the Kubota articulated tractor cam up and I said to myself it looks a lot like a Versatille. And that’s how I discovered this deal!

And here are my top five most favorite M8 and all new Kubota tractor pictures!


Kubota M8 211


Kubota M8 211


Kubota M8 211



Kubota M8 211 with a Great Plains No-Till seed drill!

And that is it folks!

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I Have A New Blog!

Hello! Today I just finish making a new blog called the farm kids blog where a ton of homeschool farm kids right about their lives or right things about animals plants and etc. Here is the link;

That’s it!

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Fossil Fuels

Hello! Last day was my birthday so I did no school also we had a pretty hectic first three days of the week as we got 22 new stolkers.

And since today is a resting day I will only be doing an essay for my schoolwork.

Here is the cycle of fossil fuels which can also be called: Carbon as it is mainly made out of Carbon.

Electricity can be fossils fuels as an interesting fact. Here are some uses for fossil fuels:

Electricity. Coal alone provides half the electricity in the United States.

Heating. Oil and natural gas are commonly used for heating homes as well as providing heat for industrial applications.

Transportation. Oil supplies 99 percent of the energy for cars in the form of gasoline and diesel.

We use fossil fuels a lot on the farm as it is what powers our tractors, four wheelers, trucks, and many more of our farm equipment! Without fossil fuels we would still be using horses and buggies as our transportation and farm tractors.

And that’s it for this essay!

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The Dalew Farms Animal Quiz!

Here is the link hope you enjoy!

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The How Well You Know Me Quiz

Hello! If you want to take the quiz here it is!

That’s it I’m excited to see what you get!

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Animal Search!

Hello! So today since we aren’t that busy I want to do an animal search where I will put pictures and you have to find the animal or thing I tell you to find!

Can you find our guard dog?

This is Stella

can you find Stella in the next picture?

That’s it if you want more animal searches just comment on any post and make a request!