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This week in since I learned about the great horned owl the snowy owl and the barn owl.

The one in the middle is the great horned owl and the one on the left is the barn owl and the last one on the right is the snowy owl.

Barn owl

The barn owl has sharp talons and looks more like a falcon than a owl to me but it’s OK.

The barn owl is the smallest of the owls I talked about.

My Favorite Owl The Great Horned Owl

The great horned owl has big big biiiig talons!

The reason why It’s my favorite because I love horns and i like how it’s call’d the great horned Owl.

the great horned owl is the biggest out of the three owls I learned about this week

The snowy owl.

The snowy Owl is In the middle out of all of the owls I learned about this week.

The snowy owl has super sonic hearing.

and is in the middle for his talons.

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This weeks contest will be guess the animal so I take a picture of one of the animals so here’s an example:

This Is Edward.

and then after I show you the animal you half to guess witch one it is.

picture A.
Picture B.

so tell me witch one you think it is in comments or by email

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Contest!!! And This Summers Farm Post.

sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. I am still deciding if I should be blogging in the summer since there is more things going on in the winter so since where really busy in the summer I’ll try and do the weekly farm post as much as I can!

This Weeks Weekly Farm Post.

so since lat time I did a weekly farm post we got some new bottle calves. We got new calves from our moms out on pasture! And also we put out our two bulls Enrique and charlie out two weeks ago hears two pictures of them playing around.

Here is the last few weeks of photo’s since I did my weekly farm post.

This is one of the new bottle calvs his name is gas and in the back there is gold.
And this is our barn cow and her adopted calf is behind her jaw.
I got a Jarmr Jagr rookie season card last week Jagr is worlds second best hockey player of all time

And For The…….

Do you now your species challenge!!!!

SO there are a lot of species of cattle in the world so since theres a lot that we don’t have where going to guess witch species are in the photos of the email I will send to the ones who give me there email and by the way my email is …

and just so you guys who are pending on rather not or to do the challenge here is a list of species and photos of those species. but these pictures are from the internet not from our farm.

these are red Angus the must popular species on our farm
these are shorthorns the second most popular species on the farm.
these are black Angus the third most popular species on the farm.
Charlais cattle
Dairy cows
textas longnhorn cattle
these gray cows are usually a cross between red Angus and charlais .
these are Hereford cow and calf we have a lot just not enough to be in the top 3 most popular species in the farm .
these are Hereford red Angus cross cattle .
these are Jersy cattle

And there I think you guys now most of the species on our farm now just send me an email at for the photos of our cattle.

this is one of the pictures in the challenge for this one it a little more complicated so I’ll give you guys a hint it’s a charlais, hereford and____________cross

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Weekly Farm Post

Sorry if you where wondering why I did’int do the post on Monday I changed the date because it was hard to get the picture’s all in one day so any ways have a great weekend:).This week we moved the sheep to the back of a rental farm and who new that the grass was so green over there. I have a new bottle lamb i named him Johnathan Toews the reason why he is a bottle lamb is because when his mom was giving birth she had a prolapse.

This week I am interviewing my little sister Emma here is her interview:

Question #1 Why did you start the business of laying hens?

“The reason back then was because I did not have a business and I really wanted one so I decided to do chickens.”

Question #2 Why do you think the little egg in the picture bellow is so small compared to the normal sized egg?

“Maybe the chicken thought that it’s egg was ready to lay but it was still too small to come out.” (Emma is just 7 years old and this is her third year in business.)

Question #3 Do you like farming?

“Well it’s a bit hard to explain but I do like it and don’t like to farm.”

Question #4 Do you like your brother?

“Of course I like you Jake because you make me laugh when your funny and because you are my brother.”

This is a picture from five years ago of me and Emma.

Here is this weeks photo album

This is Jonathan Toews
This is a video of my dad moving the “flerd”.

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Bird Identification

This one has a yellow head, it’s got two white bars on it’s wings and it must be the yellow finch.

It’s black it’s a decent size it must be a raven.

This one has a little bit of black on it’s crown the rest of it is brown it must be a chickadee.

This picture is just for the fun Because I think it’s cool when the bird is flapping it’s wings and you see it frozen.

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What I Learned.

This week I learned a lot about spiders like the Trapdoor spider, the Black Widow, the Jumping spider and the Tarantula.

The Trapdoor Spider. The Trapdoor Spider does not make a web because in it’s name says Trapdoor Spider because it makes it’s home underground and makes trapdoors and when a insect walks beside the door it will get in position and then strike.

The Black Widow. The Black Widow spider is like any other spider it makes webs but the reason why it is one of the most popular spiders is because of how dangerous and it’s cool color pattern.

The Jumping Spider. The Jumping Spider use’s it’s back legs to jump to attack it’s pray. Also it has red eyes to help see better so it can get it’s pray the Jumping Spider’s jumps are very accurate.

The Tarantula. The Tarantula is not poisonous it is venomous. Poison actually is accidentally injected in to you body by accident like the poison dart frog the only reason why people say it’s poisonous it’s just like some liquid from inside their body that mikes with the water.

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Weekly Farm Post

This week we got 32 new ewe lambs some of them we might keep for breeding and some of them for meat. The rest of our cows started having their babies! So far two were born in the last five days.

Here is this weeks photo album.

This calf was born three days ago.
This is Willow the oldest barn cat tomorrow is her 5th birthday.
My sister Olivia found this poor bird close to the machinery shed.
These two pictures are of the new ewe lambs that we bought
This calf was born yesterday, she looks a lot like her mom.

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What I Learned

This week I learned about observing mosquitoes, flies and dragon flies.

Did you now mosquitoes are the most dangerous animal in the world.

Dragon flies are the most fast insect in the world.

Did you now flies can carry disease so swat them of your food ASAP because they leave juice that could give illnesses.

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