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RPC ENG4 L170 Favorite Moments Of The Year

So now I have 10 lessons left until I finish english so it should take me five days to finish english 4 and then il move up a grade or two!

So now for the actaul essay.

Favorite Moments Of English 4

So I think I will do a top 10 list starting from 10 to 1.

10. I don’t really now….

Tiger has no ideas.

9. So I think number 2 would be when Tiger curls up in a ball beside me when I’m doing english.

Tiger decided it was nap time.

8. Hmm I think 8 would be writing on wordpress.

7. 7 would be that one time I I accidently wrote and posted day 28 of 30 Teams Till Christmas on here accidently. Here is the link to that post:

6. I think six should be when Patrick Kane wonders around to the door while I’m doing english sometimes.

5. Now 5 hmmmmmm. oh I now!

TIger looking very interested.

4. Four is when I walk by the central house beem and Tiger jumps on me.

3. I don’t really know…

Tiger is thinking…

Oh Olivia of 2014 has an idea for number three!

3. Olivia”s idea for three is when I listen to my country music while I’m writing on wordpress.

2. 2 would be all the cool pictures I get to take for english subject or pictures my mom shows me like the one from 2014 Olivia.

1. Ten would be making top 10 list in my english assignments.

That’s it!


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