Farm Stuff

More Baby Goats!

Hello! Last night I got to more new baby goats!

Their father is Edward.

Here are the baby’s and their mom! They are both girls. We will need names for the mom and the baby’s as the mom’s current name is Goat Who Keeps Jumping The Fence and I think that is a too long name.

Can’t wait to see what names you come up with that’s it!

Schoolwork Science

RPC Science 5 L55

Hello! This week in science I learned how to draw many hard things I also learned that there are many different ways to draw.

I also watch these drawing tutorials that where very interesting There was many hard things to draw in it like in lesson 54 I had to draw a 3D landscape here it is:

The drawing has a barn way in the background. I also have a Kenworth transport hauling food from the local beef form to go to the market. Most of the fields are plowed. But the front field is a hay field. There are only deciduous trees left in the drawing because the lumberJacks cut down all the pines and Spruce trees.

That’s it!