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Why Does The Color Of Your Hair Change As You Age?

Hello! Dad wants me to write an essay on why does the color of your hair change as you age? The reason I am doing this project is because one of our Jersey cross bottle Calf was very light brown when he first came to the farm then his hair started turning black! So I wondered why this was happening and dad said I should do research on it and write an essay on it! So here I am!

Here is what I found!

The amount of eumelanin pigment determines how dark our hair is. The genes for making melanin might turn on or off over the course a person’s lifetime. If this happens in the cells at the bottom of your hairs, your hair might change color! Cool right? So maybe the pigment was changing on that calf because the cells at the bottom of his hairs were not working!

That’s it hope you enjoyed!

Dad essays

The History Of Challenger

Hello! Today as an dad essay I will be writting about the history of challenger.

Challenger is a brand of agricultural tractors, created by Caterpillar Inc. in 1986 and sold to AGCO in 2002. Although marketed as the world’s first rubber-tracked agricultural tractor, East German Company VEB Traktorenwerk Schönebeck had produced a tracked tractor (the ZT 300 GB) since 1983.

I have a Challenger 45 1994 toy tractor model.

Agco is a company rhat owns many tractor brands and make farm equipement. Here is a list of tractor companies they own.

  1. Agco
  2. Valtra
  3. Massey Ferguson
  4. Fendt
  5. Challenger
  6. Hesston
  7. White
  8. Cockshut
  9. Oliver

And there is a few more I can’t think of. Hesston used to make tractors but only make baling technology now. Challenger tractors were originally from White technology. White is an old tractor brand that was bought also buy Agco when CAT sold Challenger. When CAT bought White they kept the company in business for a little bit then they stopped and Changed it to CAT Challenger. The when Agco bought White they made their tractors for 1 or 2 more years then they stopped. Today there are plenty of Challengers like the Challenger Vario, Mt4500 and many more!

That’s it hope you enjoyed!



Hello! Today Mrs.Fish assigned me to write an essay on my favorite birthday present. My favorite birthday present would be my little cousin Jacques. He was born 3 days and 8 years after me just 3 days before my birthday. He was my favorite birthday present because he is funny and for his 1st birthday my dad and Jacques had 3 cakes (my dad was born the same day as me) and Jacques stuffed his cake in his face and hair and we called him Smurf! Another reason Jacques is my favorite birthday present is because he is a big tractor fan like me! Jacques has already driven the biggest tractor on the farm and he was only 2 years old back then! (Of course dad was there just in case). And Jacques is also able to drive his dad’s lawn tractor by himself and has his own little side by side that he drives around with and pretends he is feeding his imaginary cows. Jacques is also my favorite birthday present because he never goes to bed until the job is done. He goes to bed at 7 PM and he takes 45 minutes to do his chores before he finishes his chores! The last reason Jacques is my favorite birthday present is because he loves to play with me. The end!