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Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today I just hit 100 followers! Here is the 100th Muserista. Here are my first ten!

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What’s funny is that these ten where all ROC students and know I’m getting all sorts of wonderful followers from where is live to across the world like australia! Here is my follower from Australia! thelevinelowdown Who was my 44th follower! And Jonathan Taylor was my 41st follower and my first Canadian farmer RPC student friend! This person was my first random follower: Emmanuel Oladele. My ten most recent are:

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Here is a list of all of the RPC students that are following me.

  1. quintin308
  2. E_liza_beth_9 (Technicaly she is not a RPC student anymore but she was.
  3. Roselynn Cummings
  5. Brooke
  6. Sarah E.
  7. bwinn2009
  8. Green Mountain Girl
  9. Beckwith407
  10. Ivory
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So that means almost half of all of my followers are RPC students. Thank you so much for your support everyone! That’s it!

Dad essays

How Do Dandelions Turn Their Petals Into Seeds

Hello! Today as an dad essay dad wanted me to write an essay on Dandelions turn their petals into seeds. So here it is!

Image result for How do dandelions turn their petals into seeds?

Dandelion flowers open primarily during daylight hours, and their multiple florets enclose the male and female reproductive parts. Once pollination by bees or other insects has taken place, each fertilized floret produces a seed called an achene.Which is pretty simple in the end I thought it would of been more complicated oh well I guess that means I understand it well. A long time ago when my parents had the veggy farm we had a babysitter from Switzerland and she showed us how to make honey with dandelions it was very fun! We did not use a single be to make it! Once I ate a raw dandelion it tastes very sour. But the old babysitter but sugar in it so we would like it and all of her hard work would not go to waste.

That’s it hope you enjoyed!