I’m Back! And RPC History L50

Howdy! Sorry I’ve been gone all summer I decided to try to avoid going on my computer (although I did end up playing video games sometimes), In other news I bought a four-wheeler it’s a Yamaha moto 4 200 which happens to be the only model without suspension. I Also got a new buck, and I still have not got my tractor running yet as I got the radiator rebuilt and there is one hose left to replace then its complete.

In lesson 46 I learned about the electric clock.

So the original design was just a pendulum clock that had been electrified. And it was invented in London Great Britain by Alexander Bain in 1840. It’s important because before, mechanical clock were inaccurate by about fifteen minutes and know electric clock are of by the minute if not by the second!

Next, in lesson 47 I learned about blue prints. It was invented in 1842 by John Hershel in south Africa when he was on a vacation with his wife as they where studying plants and wanted a way to accurately have a way to copy them which is know used, in construction and so many more things!

In lesson 48 I learned about the stapler, it was invented in New York state USA, by Samuel Slocum, in 1841. When he wanted a way to make his product easier to ship to customers (I forget what it is) he invented the stapler to hold the paper together that was protecting his product.

Then in 49 I learned about grain elevators which I already know quiet a lot about but it was invented by Joseph Dart in 1842 In Buffalo new York not to long after the Eerie canal was built. When he needed a way to store grain he bought from boats passing by so the he could sell it over a wide distance.

And that’s it for now!