Life Cycle Of A Chicken

Howdy! today I will be writing about the life cycle of a chicken since yesterday dad found a hen with two little chicks that she had been raising in the ditch!

To start it of a rooster fertilizes a chicken the it lays eggs and lays over them for two weeks. Then they will hatch…..

Once hatched they are wet which means they are cold as the egg is no longer insolating them, so the hen (mom) lays on them. once they are able to walk mom shows them how to eat. Chicks at a young age eat little seeds.

Once they are about half the size of a chicken they become a pullet as we call them and start to mature. My little sister, Emma has a batch of 100 that just started laying eggs!

Once they start to lay eggs consistently they are considered a chicken and for roosters: since they don’t lay eggs I don’t know when they become an adult.

When a pullet starts laying some eggs they can be small, large, or soft. When a egg is soft it’s because they are not getting enough calcium, and when it’s to small it’s because they are small or, it’s there first time laying.

Once they have good mid sized eggs consistently, a rooster can reproduce with the hen and you will have good little chicks, and the cycle starts all over again!

The end.

And about the hen we found: We noticed earlier in the summer a hen was out and it kept getting out so we left it then I moved my goats to a new paddock which happened to be where the nest was and at the corner of a culvert there was a hen laying in the rain we two chicks so we put the family in the barn and they are still living!

Now that’s the end!