RPC Science 6 Lesson 95

Howdy, hope you had a good weekend!

So I learned about mulching, which is essentially something you put on the soil to protect your plants like, woodchips, or rocks. So in a farmers case residue from last years crop is like a mulch (if you do no-till). Like for example last year you had wheat in a field then this year you no-till soybeans into it, technically once the soybeans start to grow, the wheat stubble becomes a mulch. Mulch helps prevent disease from coming out of the ground when it rains and landing on the plant which could ruin in a farmers case your crop, or in a gardeners case your plant.

Then I learned about weeding. And that Mr. Dignam, pulls weeds out and talks about not using pesticides, but if you have a field full of army worm for example you will need to spray herbicides or else you’ll loose you crop!

Then I learned about good bugs, and bad bugs. For example a good bug is a bee for obvious reasons. And a bad bug which I already mentioned is army worms, which we had trouble with last year.

And if you read this good for you because on Wednesday I’m finally going down south so there will be many pictures to look at!