History Schoolwork

RPC History 4 Lesson 65

Here is my assignment from mr.Livingston! Describe each of the inventions studied in the course this week and how they impacted history. Also write about the most interesting thing you learned, and why.

I learned about buttons not buttons on your computer but clothing buttons, Oil Painting, Cannons, and the Spinning Wheel.

So the clothing button was invented about 50 years before The Little Ice Age, but never got popular until the little ice age came because the old ways of ting their clothes let to much hot air get out wich would make them cold then the buttons got popular. back in the medieval times you could get buttons made out of wood, metal, silver, and gold.

Oil Painting. Before Oil painting came people used egg yolk and pigment or mucus to make paint and they crunch sapphires in to little pieces too make blue paint. Then once Oil painting came along they still used things like Sapphires to make color but the new form of paint was more efficient.

The Cannon. Before the Cannon came catapults and trebuchets were the only heavy military weapons then they invented the cannon which was a ball or rock shot out of a bell like tube that was powered by gunpowder cannons had been very popular for a very long time. But once hier military inventions came like the misssle it grew lest popular as they did not need the cannon anymore.

The Spinning Wheel. Thanks to the Spinning Wheel in pioneer times they were able to make clothes 10x times faster than the wool strings when before the Spinning Wheel it was the wool strings that where ten times faster to make.

And that’s the end of this essay thank you for reading!

Schoolwork Science

RPC Science 5 L20

Hello! This week I learned about edible flours like Rosemary, Chive, and etc.

Last friday when we went to find that swamp we also found a plant that looks like Rosemary but is not Rosemary because it does not smell.

If anyone knows what this plant is please tell me where is west nippising wich is about this little part of Ontario Canada.

I learned that there a recipes to make kandy’s with flour petals and sugar!

I wonder how it tastes. I have been pretty busy the past few weeks that’s why I haven’t gotten to doing my essay. like last week was the week of my birthday.

And that’s it thank you for reading!