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The Wood Chipboard Industry!

Hello! Last day me and my dad were wondering what species of trees do woodworkers use to make chipboard?

Well I figured out that they use Spruce Trees and Pines to make chipboards so in the Pines we have Red Pine, White Pine, Jack Pine, and etc. The reason I am doing research on the logging industry is because I have been sleeping on the rec room couch for awhile and mom said the room was getting messy so we used Chipboards and milk crates to lift my bed of the ground. Know the reason I was sleeping on the couch is because a week ago me and my mo where taking of my bed sheet when we discovered that something was chewing on my bed sheet. so then we looked under my bed and we found turds that were too big to be mice turds but where to small to be Rat turds. So that narrowed us down to only one being… My lost Gerbil!!! So about two months ago someone forgot to keep the door closed to my bedroom where we were keeping the Gerbil and the cat got in and broke the pipe that leads to where the gerbil normally sleeps. So then we though the cat had eaten her. The a month and a half later that when the bed situation came. When we moved the bed I was hoping that if my gerbil was still alive that the cat would find it and eat it. Although it would be nice to see how the gerbil is surviving independently. Here is a picture of my bed!

And here is a picture of our gerbil before she went missing.

Now back to the subject!

Chipboard is little wood chips from trees like Spruce that were cut into plywood the pieces when fling and does pieces are rather wood chip or saw dust that comes from the saw.

Here is a picture of worlds largest Spruce tree!

The logging industry has been here for a very long time so long that when the pioneers moved to Canada and the united states it was already an old thing.

Here are a couple of pictures of giant pine trees

Red Pine
White Pine

I have planty of pictures of giant pines fro maround here on my phone the only problem is I can’t find my phone 😦 but I’ll eventually find it!

Here are picture of some of the biggest trees on the home farm I took using my moms phone!

Soft Maple!

Three years age there was a big storm that knocked down two branches of the tree and broke our old swinging tire. But besides that it’s been great! In the background you can see the new silo we got quite a while ago. And you might be able to see the lawn mower.

What is your favorite tree or the biggest tree where you live? The Maple tree is probably the third biggest tree on the home farm! Our home farm is 146 acres dad said about 46 no workable and 100 workable or has buildings on it. We once cut down a Pine tree at the back of our farm that was 237 years old! I was super big! I kept part of the trunk as a decoration!

And that’s it!