Why John Deere’s Are So Expensive And Always Break Down?

Hello! Today since I felt like it I decided that I am going to write about why John Deere is so expensive and breaks down all the time.

John Deere’s are so expensive but not always the best quality because they use expensive parts. There have been reports that too try too save money by getting their engineers to do a half job or just not do everything properly. Like they will loosen a fuse so it burns out more quickly which you can’t always fix.

Now that explains why they always break down. Now I have to tell you why they’re so expensive.

John Deere has a little higher prices than the competition but that’s not a big deal. It’s all the repairs they have to go for all the time. In certain places your not allowed to fix your John Deere tractor like in Australia, and because of that, getting their local dealership to fix it makes it more expensive to have a John Deere, compared to other brands which farmers are able to fix themselves.

Now just for the fun of it here are some stuck John Deere’s and broken John deere pictures!

This Tractor is super stuck it’s tri duals witch is three duals on every tire and plus it’s one of John Deere’s biggest tractor series! 🤣🤣

John Deere 9560R

The small tractor got stuck then the big tractor that came to pull it out got stuck then after that the farms biggest tractor came and got stuck!!!🤣🤣

This is not a normal tractor…

Poor Tires they deserve a better brand.

And that’s it hope you enjoyed!