Schoolwork Science

RPC Science 5 L40

Hello! This week in science I learned about becoming a Certified Master Chef (CMC), how to make baguettes, French baguettes, and I got a refresher on how to make dough and batter.

Baguettes are also the main type of bread in lego as it is the only bread you can get in lego.

I am use to making bread as my mom makes one loaf of bread every two week or every week.

Like here is one of my favorite breads she made the Volcano bread.

In other news we just got two kittens this morning! There both boys and we gave the one with a white ring pattern on his neck Ernie and the other one Bert! Both Bert and Ernie are family members Ernie is my great grandpa Ernels nickname and he passed away three years ago and this would of been his birthday today.

And that’s it for this essay!