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I Have A New Blog!

Hello! Today I just finish making a new blog called the farm kids blog where a ton of homeschool farm kids right about their lives or right things about animals plants and etc. Here is the link;

That’s it!

English Schoolwork


Hello! Here is my assignment from Mrs.Fish: Write one paragraph on something that you were scared to try, but you tried it anyway and were glad that you did.

Once on one of my vacations in Ottawa’s Calypso water park and I wanted to go on the biggest slide with my uncle and mom. But then the life guard said less heavy has to go in the front of the tube and so I did it and it was very fun! But what I was really scared of was losing another goat. Because my pet goat Ernest (2017-2018) had died when we had left to go on vacation once during the winter. But I’m glad I did go! Because there was this congo water roller coaster where you would sit in a tube and the water would push you in a course it was very fun! One more thing I was scared to try was the cold toilet you would slid into a hole that looked like a toilet and then you would go into the hole then into some cold water. But the reason I was scared of that slide was because they said cover your next just in case you hurt yourself going down the hole because the guy before me pack flipped into the hole and almost hit his head against the edge of the hole. But I’m glad I tried all of those things because I had fun and got to see my little cousin when he was a baby!