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Fossil Fuels

Hello! Last day was my birthday so I did no school also we had a pretty hectic first three days of the week as we got 22 new stolkers.

And since today is a resting day I will only be doing an essay for my schoolwork.

Here is the cycle of fossil fuels which can also be called: Carbon as it is mainly made out of Carbon.

Electricity can be fossils fuels as an interesting fact. Here are some uses for fossil fuels:

Electricity. Coal alone provides half the electricity in the United States.

Heating. Oil and natural gas are commonly used for heating homes as well as providing heat for industrial applications.

Transportation. Oil supplies 99 percent of the energy for cars in the form of gasoline and diesel.

We use fossil fuels a lot on the farm as it is what powers our tractors, four wheelers, trucks, and many more of our farm equipment! Without fossil fuels we would still be using horses and buggies as our transportation and farm tractors.

And that’s it for this essay!