So for the last part that is left I willl write about what you need to care for a Gerbil and some other Rodent’s like Rabbits, Hamsters and etc.

First you’ll need a cage, then food and beading, after that youll need a water bottle and a food bowl, hay, a spot for the Rodents to hide in the cage and care for the Rodent.

This is a list of tree Rodents: Chinchilas, Mice, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Red-cressed tree rat and more that I don’t now about.

Water Rodents: Beaver and Coypu.

All other Rodents: Rat, Mice, Hamster, Gerbil, Mus, gopher, Guinea pigs, Cavies, Lemings, Degu, Spalax, Cane Rat, Dipodidea, Pedetes, Kangaroo rat, Kangaroo mouce, Pack Rats, Hutia, Blesmol, Agouti, Murids, Dormouse and more.

And that’s it for lesson 135!



Before I get started now I will be writing my final draft every five lessons now and I can pix the subject now so, today I will write about Gerbils also some other Rodents like Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and etc.

So to kick of the the show……


Gerbils come from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Gerbils where first introduced as pets in 1954, when 20 breeding pairs where brought to the United States.

Gerbils eat all fruits except for Grapes and Rhubarb because it is Poisson to all Rodents Including Gerbils and Hamsters. They also eat Vegetables such as Carrots, beets, Tomato’s and etc. Don’t forget that Rodents also eat dark leafy greens like Spinach my favorite and my pet Gerbil Shania Twain’s favorite. All Rodents eat Corn seeds barley seeds etc, they also eat Timothy and Alfalfa. If kept as a pet most Rodents get Timothy and Alfalfa Pellets.

If you are looking to have any Rodent pet from Mice to Rabbits I recommend you don’t use wood shavings because the dust in it will mes with the pets emotions, but if you do not have any other choice I say you should take the shavings out of the bag and put then in a container and wash them. After that spred them out on a towel and then let them dry once their dry you can put them in the cage. Also if you go to the pet store some do have beding like this product: All Living Things Odor Control. Note: Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea pigs and chinchilla normally have hay for their beading. Rabbits and Chinchilla don’t need any beading but some do. Second Note: If you are going to keap a Chinchilla or any other tree Rodents you need to but in a stump of at least 1 inch long for the Rodent to climb on.

My pet Gerbil’s name is Shania Twain she is 1 year old I think and she is brown and as white on her belly.

Since this is the longest essay iv ever wrote and iv got about an other 100 words to do il make a part two so stay tuned and part two should be out in 20 minutes or more.