RPC ENG L145 Cash Bay Tragedies

Warning you might not want to read this because it’s about a murder that happened about 15 minutes away from where I live in 1963 April the 18th.

So on April the 18th it was a beautiful day and spring had came to the Sabourin farm. The two Sabourin brothers Richard and Lionel where doing there normal chores that morning but what they didn’t know was they were going to have a night with fear and pain. As the brothers battle the big storm they neighbours thought something was wrong because the house door was left open the Sabourin bros where nowhere to be found so then the neighbour went to check on them, and that’s when they found Lionel dead hung on a dog chain full of gunshot wounds and Richard was shot in his left leg and had been cut in the arm and had been beat up pretty bad and hung on a dog chain and bailer twine was tied around him cutting his blood circulation. About the two brothers the two where very good people they weren’t poor but weren’t rich and donated a lot of money to the local hospital and school. not two long after the murder Richard was questioned and there was 4 small men one of all four where beating the brothers up and one of them left to go a rob the house. After the investigation what was weird is that the robber didn’t make a mess and it was almost like they new where everything was. So a year later the police allowed Richard to carry a gun with him where he goes and that made Lionel one of the first Canadians that weren’t police to carry a gun. And still today the case hasn’t been solved. And Richard passed away in 2008 the year I was born. not to long after that Richards wife Bernnadette passed away in 2014.

That’s it!