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RPC ENG4 L150 The Best Goat Breeds

Hello today I will talk about the best Goat Breeds.

Now my list for best meat goat breeds:

  1. Boer.
  2. Spanish
  3. Kikko
  4. Myotonic / Myotonic Fainting Goat.
  5. Rangeland
  6. Kalahari
  7. Nubian
  8. Verata
  9. Black Bengal

Now the reason for Myotonic Myotonic Goats should be number one on my list but there are two reasons why they’re not the best: Best known as the Fainting Goat the Myotonic has two down sides to it’s meat here are the reasons: 1. The Faiting. 2. takes longer to grow.

So now my list for dairy breeds:

  1. Saanen
  2. Nubian Nubians are both a meat and dairy breed.
  3. La mancha
  4. Alpine
  5. Toggenburg
  6. Nigarian Dwarf
  7. Oberhasli
  8. Sable
  9. Guernsey

Now the reason Nigarian dwarf is there on the list is because it too is a meat and dairy breed but since it is sooooooooo small it is not very good meat.

Now for my Cuteness rankings

  1. Boer
  2. Pygmy
  3. Nigerian Dwarf
  4. Myotonic Fainting goat
  5. kikko
  6. black bengal
  7. la mancha
  8. Toggenburg
  9. Nubian

That’s it!